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  • 1 January 2010
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When we thought our summer was all about surfing, chilling and bbq’ing we we’re wrong. We got our call to duty. Resolute, we selected the fittest youngbloods and most experienced veterans to accompany us to war in our Tour of Duty. Our Tour took us to barren indoor-warfields like Snowworld and Snowbase. There is good news for the homefront though: we received all incoming reports made bi-weekly. Check out these battle reports featuring all action footage transferred to here.

Our first stop of our summer indoor shredfest tour takes us to: Snowworld.

This time it’s frozen battlefield Snowplanet in Spaarnwoude as our next stop of our Tour of Duty. As can be seen in the video: a lot of veterans are missing in action; bulletholes, grenade shards, hangovers or just being lazy at the basecamp. Nobody said war is easy, but you got to make something of it.

You see, recurring patterns can be found everywhere in nature, but it doesn’t seem to be a snowboarders nature to do something recurring. It’s hard you know, we’re relaxed and tend to not care about deadlines and stuff enough. Ah, f*ck that, it’s Tour of Duty Wednesday’s, you’re only recurring snowboard-pattern during the summer, which gives you tickles in your stomach about shredding snow. Oh yes! Encountered Warzone in this Tour of Duty stop: the Uithof, the Hague. See veterans and local guerilla’s going head to head against the rebellious setup.

After a long night partying, drinking, and fighting with bouncers, we got up early and head off to Belgium for a hangover session. Ice Mountain is a pretty long drive so most of us had time to catch some rest in Rens’ mass-transportation vehicle. If that wasn’t enough the setup got everybody stoked so in the end we had an amazing session.

This time the veterans took the battle to the fresh indoorslope in Terneuzen, Snowbase in the most south part of the Netherlands. It’s the newest slope around so it was ready tear it apart. This was going to be a tough battle for the crew, so the men where relieved to have Polish reinforcement to help, we had Wojtek Pawlusiak on our side. A veteran on metal and wodka. Replacement private Wessel got a silver star for his courage with throwing all kinds of elastic rubberman reverts to our enemies. That saved our day!


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