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  • 3 March 2010
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So there we are.. (maarten vd putten/martino and myself) meeting in Amsterdam catching a flight to Salt Lake City on the 1st of january without even knowing what to do there. All we knew was that we had to deliver DC a Big Air Bag somewhere in Park City. Great!

After a couple of hours in the sky watching videos, playing games and all the other stuff you do during a 10 hour flight we arrived in Salt Lake. With a very pleasing welcome by the US customs threating me as some kind of taliban member and telling me that he want to send me back to Amsterdam. Real nice, obviously this guy had some intense frustrations on the first day of 2010. Happy new year homie.

Fucked up as we were (NYE was good) we hopped in a taxi to bring us to our hotel. Great.. we are in the fastfood/wallmart/outlet hood. That’s all you need for a 15 day stay in Utah.

After we entertained ourselves with MTV’s best show Jersey Shore, a shotgun and a remote control helicopter it was about time to wake up and get ready. Nick Olsen (ed. DC team manager) picked us up and dropped us in Park City, the bag we came for was not trough the customs yet so.. no bag no working.

After two days ruining boards, hiking and actual snowboarding in Park City the bag was still not ready for us so Nick decided to take us to his “office” a.k.a the DC mtn Lab for some backyard shredding.

The closer you get to the lab the bigger your smile. The happiness start as soon as you come around the corner. A big ass mansion with a huge front- and backyard barricaded by a fence. The jibs, sleds and the old-timer snowcat in the yard betray that this is ‘the’ Lab. And if that’s not enough for you to believe that this is the Lab go see the garage.

Yes, that’s exactly what we thought when we saw all the toys. Subaru’s, crossers, sleds, sleds, sleds, monsterfridge.. it’s all there waiting for you. Ohh and you are probably wondering what that thing on the right is. It’s a huge sled with 4 warmed seats, a rollbar and an imperial. For what? Hook that thing up to Ken Blocks to be build trophy truck, change the tires for the tracks, go ride the backcountry and break some bones.

Off course the first thing we had to do was to take some labs in the almost untracked backyard. They had the wallride and a logjam setup. Second thing to do at the Lab: make people jealous. I guess that worked.

That didn’t work to well for Martino van der Putten a.k.a Waxer. He rammed into the wallride and touched a screw. “Oh forgot to check that” said Chris ‘Cheeseburger’ Vaughn(ed. the shaper). That’s ok, that’s how we role. At least we now know how the triple base techn works from the inside.

After some riding and shoveling it was about time to chill on the deck and enjoy this insane sunset.

This is Cheeseburger (ed. you might recognize this guy from his tramp skills together with Bittner) He’s taking care of all that happens at the Lab. Do you see the little bit of 2011 in the background? It’s the new Devun Walsh.

We almost forgot that we came to DC to deliver the Big Air Bag. It took a couple of days, but we received a call that the bag is ready and after some hassle and explaining what the bag is for, we took the massive roll to his new home.

Big Air Bag reprezent in Utah.

The days before the bag arrived we managed to set a sweet line up in the frontyard. From left to right: Up-down, 2 rails, up-flat-up to butterybox to downrail and downbox and the Big Air Bag. That’s one hell of a setup to have in front of your home. It can’t get any better than this. Completely setup for a night session.

Day and night.

You had to see the faces of the neighbours and stopping cars when they drove around the corner. We can’t wonder why..? This probably is heaven for a lot of people.

Don’t forget the slope, the ropetow and wildlife… that’s right here!

Martino trying to get the booter nice and smooth and I don’t have to explain you what setup that is on the right.

The next days we had some tight sessions going on with a bunch of shop owners. Strap in on the heated deck, drop in and go for the bag. Nick Olsen huckin’ it with his cab 5’s.

There’s tons of ways for hitting the bag and Martino is an expert in it. With a little towing help he popped this backflip on the airboard.

Kimmy Fasani and (X-games meister) Halldor Helgason reprezent and getting ready to drop-in from the deck to get their aerials done for the season.

Two of the DC profi’s showing the Park City valley what they got.

Halldor down with the bag. But according to his results at the X-games this kid doesn’t need the help of this bag, he just stomps it real solid.

After a couple of days shoveling and snowboarding Nick told us about some repaired sleds in the shop that had to be tested.

No worries! It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it. We were more than happy to help with that.

So we decided to take the bunch of sleds from the shop and ride the backcountry. We didn’t want to take our boards because we take testing serious…No, sledding is way more fun compared to riding your snowboard somewhere in the BC.. That was one intense day, especially for 2 non-sledneck euro’s like us.

Wonder what the guy on the left is rollin’ there, got to be some Utanian grass.



Martino was taking some risks and paid for it. He was spending his time, alone with his sled, in the trees. While everyone was taking laps on the only board we took Martino was humping his machine.

Riley, Chris and Nick had some golden runs up in the trees and couldn’t stop till dusk.

After a 20 mile downhill race our sledding day came to an end, just as our trip. But not before some more days of park fine-tuning, riding four-wheelers, chilling and having fun on the Big Air Bag. Those were some of the best days ever…

A big shout-out to
Marcel & Kim @ Big Air Bag
Nick Olsen & Cheeseburger @ DC
Riley Drage @ the studies


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