Railbattle Skullshots

  • 1 August 2010
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Kids going ballistic in a lot of ways last Saturday. Heavy shredding, hard bails, hard liquor, softer drinks, sunny skies, slushy snow, lovely ladies and foreign friends. Yes, it was a classic day.

Traveling in style with Maaike, DvG and Nosa.

Early morning cruising.

Rens finding a spot.

Gerrit’s new Mustang including air hornes.


Setup with kneeling jibdude.

Barry straight attacking the kink.

A ladies point of view from Steef combo the kink.

Finnish homey Tatu rolled in an kept an eye out.

Little kids using alcoholic icecreams alternatively.

Brother and sister Bob and Milina rubbing Bas Mons up.

Kid jumping in melted snow with girly legs.

Littlest Kral on course ending on the podium.

Jesse Augustinus 50fs1’ing the donkeydick.


I presume Kevin de Haan with a frontside donkeydick.

Rachida taking care of some camerabiz.

Pressing that metal.

Kas Lemmens getting pressy on it too.

Charlotte van Gils showing us girls got frontsides too.

David came over on crutches and brought his girlfriend so he could sneakily drink beers and smoke ciggies behind her back.

Jasmijn van Kampen is one gnarly chick. We saw her took two of the heaviest slams of the day clipping the last set of stairs, hope you all good girl.

Robert Skullcandy boss Holland came up with these new dangerous alcoholic icecreamies. Rens was pretty stoked about them.

Rachida showing she gots frontsiders too.

Spectators using the container for viewing pleasure.

Matthijs Buijs (OG JAM crew) showing us some love with this upperlipper.

Shaped Snowboarding people and some more ballistic kids.

Bart with some nosesliding pretzeling out.

Filmerboy Luc Buttker can shred the metal too.

Doubleback rodeo man Steve Kreijbolder gapping 270.

Another Bart with a backlipper this time.

Bobby going for a fs lip on the doublekink finding out the hard way how the wooden stairs feel on your back.

Ricky Martens is one hell of a motivated shredderkid and his season in Mayrhofen def payed off.

Barry Muijen going fs again through the kink.

Foreign kid whose name I forgot with a fs blunt on the dick.

Chico dusted off his stick to go backwards through the kink.

Richard de Ruiter tail 270 with DvG stachetanning it up in the foreground.

This dude rolled around in the slushpuddle…

… and got a nice little Forum bodywarmer for his little girl for it…

Another OG JAM crew member Arjan getting busy on the Bacardi Breezer(!)

Upskirting a hooping girl…

Nosa Rated R.

Foreign friends Billy Neilson and Nosa Ketting.

People waiting for the BBQ to be ready.

Nosa and me enjoying some sweet shrimpies and other grilled goodness. Nice glasses by the way Wendy. Whatsup with Cees his new steez, bandana under cap whut!

Popsicles after dinner.

Rens laughed so hard his whole mouth became crooked.

Gerrit with Joey and Danielle’s dog Rocky with a little kid trying to feed him a stick or some’in.

Girl trying her luck on the mechanical bullboard.

Gareth Andrews and I chilling at the Mercedes Limo.

Gerrit talking to Max about major issues such as this little kids love for tight purple pants.

Third placer Davey Steenbergen back1reverting behind Charlotte van Gils.

Lynn got second place for maneuvers like these on the wall.

Little kid, big balls with his 8 year old bs180 on cab3 out or something along those lines all I know it was heavy no matter the age.

Charlotte pushing it through the kink frontside.

Jesse Augustinus still in the kid division swooshing 180revert something like that.

Littlest Kral on the wall.

Ron with a combo on the kink.

Chico switch front on the donk.

Legend man Youri ‘Opa’ Jansen with the most legit 5-0’s of the day.

Ricky Martens committing with some crazy combo’s through the kink.

Cees hardway bs180 to switch noseslipper.

Bob van Unnik fs blunting the donkeydick.

Bas Mons tailslipping 270.

Steef popping through the kink.

Cees with a bs180 in to noselide.

Steef also going bs180 in on the kink.

Black and white dropin anticipation.

Gareth Andrews 180 in 360 out if I’m not mistaken.

Lynn Uitvlugt in second, Rachida ElHoodAmar on top and Charlotte van Gils rounding out the podium.

The Kral brothers in 1 and 2 and Davey Stonemountains in third with some champagnespray.

Bas Mons crippled in second from a gnarly slam, Cees Wille on top and big up to Barry Muijen in third for riding super consistent and technically smooth.

Gerrit eyeying up the first place prize together with Cees’ parents Lida and Kees. Just look at how prepared Cees his mom is, Gopro, Dslr, she’s got it all. Oh, did you know Cees his dad Kees has one of the meanest staches in the game, and that for the last 40 years or something…

Cees getting pulled from the podium to check out his prize.

Cees in the passenger seat of his new Rover wagon. He doesn’t have a drivers license yet so for now it’s just for the driveway.

Gerrit spraying up Cees for the win. Big up to these two guys for building this whole setup from the ground up.

Ender goes to ‘Golden Boy’ Ivo for being a major help ever since the first outdoor Railbattle.



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