Shaped at Les Deux Alpes

  • 23 August 2010
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The guys over at Shaped Snowboarding are currently building their new webshop and decided it was time for a little break to release some tension and actually get some shred on instead of sitting in a sweaty office all summer long. So they headed to Les Deux Alpes to taste the good life of shredding glacierslush and sent in this photogallery.

These guys are like wild dogs, needing to mark their terrority first thing fresh out of the car. Normally it’s done with pee, but decided was to use a banner this time instead.

Teamrider Jasper Visser is kicking off the gallery with this crooked noseslide.

Cees Wille decided to step it up a notch and did his noseslide through this elbow rail.

Joey van Essen can’t stay behind and decided to act some.

That’s probably one of the reasons why his girl loves him. Danielle is showing Joey the support he needs.

Cees Wille frontboarding this elbow jib.

You see where this is going? Tjarda probably hated Cees for frontboarding it, so he gaps it instead.

And it doesn’t stop on the slope, oh no. Playing Modern Warfare brings the dirty out of everybody.

But after a couple of pints it’s all good. That’s the love-hate thing. Hate your friends, love beer, hate hangover shreds, love your bed. Typical..

Cees Wille is your man. This kid does stylish trickery on all sorts of jibs. Watch him!

Jasper got his revenge on this elbow rail.

Jasper calls it even with this extreme stylish tap.

Thanks to Shaped Snowboarding.


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