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  • 22 November 2010
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This sweet photogallery is part of a project that shows what riding Mt. Hood is through photos and video of some of Northwests best. Without wanting to offer a standard video and premiere format, these chaps released the photos and video as a big art gallery, offcourse including a party with lots of free beer and homies over at Portland, OR.

“Hood is where the heArt is” features over 30 local riders in photo & video. This Northwest project is one of the puzzle pieces forming the statement that Mt. Hood is a breeding ground for talent year round, not just a summer stomping ground. Scroll on for the captions and you better enlarge them to see these in full swing.

Rob Love fingers lips and shows his “Oh face” while doing it.

Jordan Welter finds the tight tranny coming off the top lift shack of Timberline.

The masked Matt Kratser plants is grimy knuckles into this natty vert wall found in a secret canyon off Timberline.

Joel Fuquay and Shaun Daley knocked before they rocked. Fortunately nobody was home at this cabin in Government Camp.

More creative lines through the secret canyon. Blake Payne and Rob Love.

Jon Adkins and Kellan Broderick going base to base in the Timberline summer sun.

Josh Wing goes front blunt pop over on this burly bridge rail in Government camp.

Adrian Blair agrees that sunsets on the Beach are over rated as he goes back-7 nose.

When our powers combine, we are captain Rasta colors. Jacob Reeths, Matt Guess, and David Van Wagenen.

After a late April dumping Jay Hergert goes grey-bird gap shooting. The hole in this tree Jay is slicing through was the shape of New Jersey..Jersey is sketch.

Justin Norman truck driving blind folded.

Ryan Jacobson & Shaun Daley getting the mail in the glowing morning light.

Want to catch these photos in motion? Better see the video ‘HOOD is where the heART is’ here in our media section or a bit bigger at these guys’ Vimeo!

Photos: Alleh Lindquist
Video: Jon Montana & Ryan Jacobson

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