Shaped at IceMountain

  • 1 December 2010
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About a week and a half ago was the last stop of the Get in Shaped Tour this time landing in Ice-Mountain for a sweet night of shredding near ‘ze’ French border. Check out these sloppy visuals and as you know by now click on ’em for the bigger picture.

Haystacker Kasper de Buysere heading down to start to show followed closely by Shaped boss Remco.

Starting things off with the mini dudes ripping up the dfd, downbar and signature shaped polejam wallride.

Agga local Mellie Mel with a sweet tail to reggies.

And now with a sick lipper all squeezed out.

Little kid gone big Jesse Augustinus sliding through the kinker.

Joey almost convinced me he started smoking by saying he does construction work now so he didn’t really have an option if he wanted to blend in. Of course it was one big joke since Joey lives off candy and not rollies.

This dude got all crazy chiquita stuff on his skate banana.

Jesse getting sideways on the wall joint.

Wow that almost looks like a copy this time with Joey van Essen.

Fre Deroo pushing that Jake OE Signal stick backlipping ways through the kink.

And again on the downbar with a backlip gone backtail or some’in.

Pieter van Impe and his gun in the house shooting some good stuff. There’s gonna be some photos at the bottom here he took cause I was too busy getting in some shredding myself to take photos of the prizegiving.

Rens taking his judging very serious.

Luc doing some sliding on the rails.

Joshua Pires got a board for best rookie and it’s true this kid is making some killer moves with good style also this photo really sucks and doesn’t do his shredding justice but how do you take proper photos of swooshes anyway? I tried it before but that was in Finland. Our boy Cees Wille was in his first year on the streets and did some of these swooshy moves on a famous rail in Helsinki. Here’s the never before seen result of that. Basically I did a little bit longer shutter speed than normal to get a little movement in there to show he was swooshing it up backside ways. You be the judge. If you like it send a mail to me and I can send it to you as a desktop thing in your desired resolution.

Another Fre Deroo leaning into this slider.

Joey with a hefty cab270 that looked better in real life than on this photo.

Tim has strange ways to clean his lens.

Gerrit with a frontboard through the kinker.

Bente van Lierop with a sweet noseslidepresser on the kink.

Wonderboy Kas Lemmens with a cab270in270out.

Mellie Mel getting way sidways on the wallthing, he barely made it out alive on this one.

Spectators view of Bente doing a slider on the downbar.

G this time with a backlipper.

I think this is the only photo I have of Annesnowphie Lechon, this girl rips and here with a crazy combo my triggefinger kinda lagged on somehow but she did a heavy hardway bs180 too.

Shaped man Tjarda with Veroniqi asking if she wants to do the prizegiving.

Kas with a proper backtail to regs.

Joey nosebluntsliding pretty much.

This dude was getting all the goodness.

Little Max always a pleasure to see him shred and bouncing around the giant freezers we ride in.

Cees and some spectators.

Black-eyed brothers.

The girls Veroniqi Hanssen in third, Bente van Lierop in second and Anne-Sophie Lechon taking the top spot. Photo by Pieter Van Impe.

Joshue Pires taking home a brand spanking new Smokin MIP stick for his efforts. Photo by Pieter Van Impe.

The manboys Kevin Kannekens in third, Jesse Augustinus in second and Joey van Essen looking semi high from ripping so hard on his Smokin stick for the top spot. Photo by Pieter Van Impe.

Shaped men Remco and Matthijs taking the stuff down after another night of doing it for the kids.

Just when discotime was on I managed to snap my driving partner in a mean noselean.

That was the last stop and it was a good one. Good to see all kids having progressed so much and having a ball doing so. Major props to Shaped and the Haystack boys joined with Ice-Mountain for making this thing happen.


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