Air und Style Coverage

  • 14 February 2011
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Allright, we sat down and watched the Air & Style last Saturday and after enjoying the Stairset Battle it was on on the little kick. It’s amazing how these events progressed over the last couple of years. It’s double’s or out and it’ll be triples our out in a year or two. Hopefully it won’t go the direction of Mogul skiing, but then again; this is snowboarding. Pfff.

Placing third was Haldor Helgason and the video above was his ‘winning’ run. The funny thing was that this guy tried to stick a double corked japan air, but failed sadly, otherwise that would’ve been way too stylish. This is Seppe’s best run in the superfinal, which we thought was a winner. Dang Peetu!

And here is. Peetu’s run. This guy is just way too good. Damn.



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