Signal Snowboards 2012

  • 14 February 2011
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Take a look at this. We got the Signal catalog right here and right now and we are happy to see another fresh collection from the Cali people over at Signal.

The Signals introduced slight changes in their range but it’s nothing too big too handle. Take this new Rocker Light, a new board in their range with a little less rocker than the regular Rocker, as the name says. Then there’s wonderboy Yusaku, who took over JOE’s Park deck and got his own prodeck now. Jake Olsen Elm traded his Park series promodel for an OG deck.. or he may have been riding an OG already last year with Park graphics… Who knows?

We are stoked on this new collection, especially about the OG’s. These pieces are handpainted, which give them unique touch. Scroll down and see it for yourself.

If we talk about the looks (and that’s actually the only thing that matters in snowboarding), we have to admit that these OG’s are our favorites! But what’s going on with the Duff..? His one is a bit feminine, but the matte topsheet compensates that!

then there’s the Omni! We’re glad they got rid of that Bataleon look from last season. On your screen it might look a bit: “mwoahhh mwoahhh” but in real it’s uber nice. It’s still doing the camber-rocker-wavelength whatever tech.

Yes, next up is on of our favorite Signal decks from this season. The noodly and steady Park Series. This year just available in camber but next season we can give it a try on a flat base as well. Next to that we have the Yusaku pro-model which is the substitute for the JOE from this year, since he’s now doing an OG.

And last but not least: the Rocker and the Rocker Light (with less rocker, duh!). The extreme banana that gives a lot of reactions while doing the jibberish on the slopes. The shape is the same as before, but it features new graphics and a nice matte topsheet. Just like the Vita Rocker.

All above boards feature sintered bases and as Signal is one of the few brands with their own factory and their emphasis on solid sticks makes us stoked!

Ohh, we only uploaded the decks, so if you are curious for the outerwear you might see some peaks from the SIA or the ISPO. Keep holding on


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