Automaton 2012 Leak!

  • 24 February 2011
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Ooh yes! We are happy to announce our first 2012 scoop. Not knowing if there’s going to be more this year but that doesn’t matter. These leaks are not as world changing and nasty as the ones we’ve recently seen on Wikileaks but certainly one that will make you happier or at least feel safer. We got our filthy hairy hands on the new Automaton Snowboards catalog.

Again these guys are keeping it down to earth with just a line of 2 decks. Why make more if you just make 2 of the best boards in the world, right? Well we haven’t had our hands and feet on it but that could be a good explanation.

Enough of my words let the graphics do the talking.

Your girl wouldn’t care anymore about you spending loads of money on snowboarding when you come back home with this board. Stylish and European… 2 strike!

Of course the guys at Automaton wanted something more… dangerous than cute monkeys and seals. Put some extra on dangerous and you’ll get walking sharks and flying cobras. These snowboards safe lives for sure.

We need more of this fine artwork instead of random photoshop collage dropping images.

That’s it folks.
If this made you interested check out www.automatonsnowboard.com/ for more!


  1. Sweet as Pee.

    - Da
    February 24, 2011 at 13:03
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