Posing the new Holden gear

  • 9 March 2011
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We thought it was about time to invite ourselves at the Holden x Sabre distributor for the flatlands. Just to check out the new collection, eat shit and talk pizza…? Of course Nik Summers, that’s running this business, was down for some Mustachio visitation. So, we took a taxi to the fanciest fancy fair of all kinds for snowboarding people. That’s what it is. All the fresh gear lined up everywhere waiting to be tested, touched and worn by incredibly handsome snowboarding people.

This is what I’m talking about.
Galactic space David got Darrel Mathes favorite piece suited. It’s the Ranger Jacket in Emerald.

We know people that would have been way happier in this Puffy Down in Burnt Henna with the Durden pant in Black. This Puffy might look a bit Jersey Shoreish but in real this jacket soft and sweet!

No all-over printed logo’s like the good old fluo companies do. Just subtile tags. We like.

Talking about details here. Patches on the Embossed Clover McMillan Jacket. The McMillan is also available with a screened graphic instead of the patch.

We got a match here! This dude is on green..

The 20k Genuine Denim pant in dusty blue and raw denim. This is the first snowpants with the name denim tagged on it that really feels like denim. 20k on a denim?!

The Field jacket is definitely going to be mine for next season. A tech jacket with an awesome fit.. that’s what we need to pose on the slopes. I better leave this pose home when going for the shred with the terminator shades on.

The Ozzy agrees.
The Ranger jacket in Flint.

In the catalog the LNP jacket looked a bit boring but once you got your arms in it you know this is going to be the shit for next season.

The Phillips jacket is based on the original military M-65 jacket. You wouldn’t say that!

Details, details & details..

We’ve seen these on the web before; it’s the Vans x Holden collaboration. Boots and streets.

That was just a small grab from the 2012 collection for the manner. The girl collection without a doubt as astonishing as the manner part but we’re not really down to spread the photo’s of the stachio crew walking around in ladies tights.

Like kids in a candystore we moved on and made some shots of the new Sabre eyewear collection. I doubt if David is checking out the shades..

The new sparkling galactic Sabre frames inspired by vintage motorcycle helmets. That sparkle thing is going to be the new hardway. Also available in other fingerlicking colors like the red and the blue in the back.

If the regular frame is obstructing your sight maybe you should try one of these windshields. Not really stoked on this huge thing, but I bet you can go extremely fast with it!

This is something revolutionary. If you think 3D is going to be future you should certainly keep your eyes on GoPro. These guys have been working on this 3D system. All you need is the 3D case, 2 cameras and a firmwire update to make people feel your head slamming on the stairs.




  1. Could you please indicate which sizes are being modeled in each of the photos? Thanks.

    - chrisb
    February 16, 2012 at 14:46
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