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  • 21 March 2011
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Euro railkillers Gerben Verweij and Cees Wille are on the loose again, smashing up Helsinki steel. The Finnish city is becoming their home playground and these boys are back again. This is their update.

Cees and I we’re just back from Nassfeld, Austria before we decided to head up to Helsinki. As usual time was limited and all preparations still needed to be done. Snowboarders, late as always. We had to check our street set-up to see if it was the complete package and check for any stuff about to break down in an instant. Welding steel isn’t done somewhere on the streets of Helsinki. The ferry was scheduled for Sunday morning and because the street set-up is brought by us in our trailer we need some time to get there by car. Before we even checked things Bob van Unnik (Signal Snowboards teamie) called and asked for a ride-along. He begged for it, because he really needed footage this year.

So there you go, if all wasn’t as late as possible now it really was. We rushed to pick up Bob and proceeded to our workshop for a final check and stowed it all in the trailer. After a couple of hours delay (offcourse) we left for Helsinki. When we entered Sweden I check my Satnav and just then I saw that we we’re not going to make it in time for the ferry. Pedal to the metal was the only option. We we’re so happy we weren’t pulled over, because speeding with a trailer is not allowed and what we did was definitely speeding, ghehe. We made Stockholm just in time and ten hours later we arrived in Turku, Finland. Only 180 kilometers of driving was ahead before finishing in Tapiola Helsinki at our homey Niko Pulkinnen. After a good night of chilling it was time for shredding some streetrails. Check out our pics made during these days, words do not describe it:

Awesome building and an even more awesome car. Double awesomeness.

Tyres seem to run down pretty often, but Gerben is getting the hang of it.

This is Bob van Unnik doing urban droppings.

These guys are having fun building inruns. How stoked must one be to have fun when building inruns?

Look at these boys going mental on scandinavian DIY furniture.

This is Gerben and Cees posing. Clearly visible are the sponsorlogo’s. Dudes, this is way to obvious for subliminal messages!

Bob, Cees, Niko and Gerben apparently hustling money from bystanders.

This is Gerben his warming-up sesh.

This is what he was warming up for. Big rail to drop!

The Hasselhoff is awesome everywhere you go. Thumbs up!

Look at this frozen Harbour. More awesomeness!

This is a new spot these guys found. Action-footage is bound to drop in shortly somewhere on here.

No, Gerben is not colouring Niko’s hair. This is blood, tigerblood.

You see the trailer? This is a mobile workshop. Gerben is modding this Signal shred.

Cees Wille doing 50-360’s. Sjabang!

This is the new model winch Gerben built. He even builds these for you if you’re interested.

More beautifull icy scenery.

As we’re typing we’re back on the boat to Stockholm, where we drop off Bob at the airport and continue our trip to Oslo, where we’re going to slide some steel in new territory with Joey (van Essen) and Mustacheer Tim Schiphorst. Stay tuned for those pictures!

Pictures made by Bob van Unnik and friends.


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