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  • 7 April 2011
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This is a unique change; Signal Snowboard’s pro-team is coming to the Netherlands! These guys are here to check up on tulips, windmills, wooden shoes and there might also be a slight change it has something to do with one of our other trademarks; coffeeshops. However, these guys want to shred the indoors as well so here’s your change to shred with these pro’s; the Signal Snowboards Demo in the Uithof, the Hague.

It’s 20,- euro’s for a whole night of snowboarding at Snowdome de Uithof in The Hague. You’re able to shred a sick park together with pro-snowboarders Jake Olson Elm, Matt Hammer, Chris Dufficy and founder of Signal Snowboards Dave Lee. Others are also present, like the dudes and dudettes from the Signal Benelux team. So if your english isn’t good enough, ask autographs from Bob van Unnik, Mick Veen or new youngblood Kas Lemmens for example. For the 20,- euro’s you’re also able to try out the new Signal Snowboards and you get a free drink in the Albertville bar!

Did we tell you about the money? No? Well, the Signal pro’s have money to spend, so if you stomp tricks you may be rewarded with cold hard cash by them. Since we’re relaxed guys there’s no need to register anywhere, but check out the Event’s facebook page to see who’s already present.

The info’s
– What: Signal Demo with Signal pro’s, testboard, awesome park and cash to earn!
– Where: Snowdome de Uithof, The Hague.
– When: Thursday the 28th of April. Slope is open from 18:30 till 22:00. Bar stays open till you’ve spend all your money.

But there’s more. These guys are not staying for one night, so if you’re up for it the days after are also days you don’t want to miss! The 29th Signal Snowboards, in cooperation with Liquid Force, will visit and shred wakes in the Burnside Cablepark in Deventer.

And as we say in dutch ‘as a slap on the firecracker’, Signal Snowboards organises an awesome Queensday party. It involves a boat in Amsterdam, a performance by ‘de Kraaien’ and beats from Bhoomer Soundsystem. Booze is included in the entrancefee. Let’s show these Stateside people how party goes down on this continent.

To sum it up
– Queensdayparty on Queensday afternoon
– The 30th of April
– On a Boat in Amsterdam
– Signal Pro’s
– Performance by ‘de Kraaien’ and DJ’s
– Beer, soda’s and wine included in the fee
– Entrancefee E 75,-

You’re able to register for for this party with Richard at richard[at]signalsnowboards.com!


  1. Burnside Cablepark is in Emst nog halfuurtje van Deventer af

    - Guest
    April 18, 2011 at 20:06
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