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  • 8 April 2011
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If you ever visited one of the Volcom Peanut Butter jams you know that these events are equal to good vibes and rad snowboarding. Two things we like. We moved our slightly sore asses on this shiny sunday morning towards Snowplanet Spaarnwoude for the PBRJ Benelux edition. With more then 60 contestants and a brilliant setup it promised to be a good day. From the warming up till the finals the shred was on fire.

In case you missed the results, they can be find here.

Starting with homeboy Cees Wille setting up his smooth frontlipper.

This dude going for the singlebar downrail. Next to that another new object for the Planet people.

Another familair face in snowboarding. Jesse Augustinus being a serious judge here for this buttery railjam.

Charging down the indoor with Mach 10.

Judge #2; part of the Volcom family Joris Engel. Being Volcomized.

Monsieur Max was one of the smallest kids but compared to most of these boys this Max has definitely a bigger bag of tricks then most of the big guys around.

If we say Reno you say what? This kid is one hell of a underdog. He’s throwing insane trickery with spins that you haven’t seen yet. One solid frontboard from Reno.. might be a switch one as well.

You would expect more radical aerials from Bob van Unnik instead of a 50-50. But let’s say he did a back 540 on or something.

E-mans stuntdouble Deon Kuijpers is ready to catch an edge or to complete this kink.

Lippers are the trick of the day. Mel Lamers (winner at 16+) agrees.

Mustacheer Tim Schiphorst snaking the jam with one of his favorite tricks.

Frontboarddddd and rewinding or swooshing.

Blunts are the next best thing in snowboarding.

Straight outta church to the indoors to put his shred on the metal. Where it belongs according to Gerben Verweij.

Damn.. look at his face! He looks like he has been eating pizza and drink beers all day everyday. Ooh he did! Nonetheless this lipper is super buttery!

Steffen van der Land is one damn fine young son. He’s one of those guys that just enjoying the shred and throwing the most insane tricks… whether it is switch or regular. Everything is regular for this guy.

Thanks photog to Jascha van der Wijden


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