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  • 13 April 2011
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Helsinki is like Hollywood for snowboard movies. For years now that is where Gerben Verweij, Joey von Candy and Cees Wille go to to shoot 90 procent of their videopart. It’s possible to find new spots there every year, but still it can be good to switch it up a bit, explore new territory, new urban landscapes.
Now if you have seen Torstein Horgmo’s ender videopart in ‘The Storming’, you probably know all the crazy rails he found. Since he is Norwegian, we figured that most of these spots are in Oslo. Time to hunt them down!

This wasn’t as easy as it seems. None of us had ever been here so we had no idea where to start our search.

Dramatic scenery.

Day 1:
Joey and I flew from Amsterdam to Oslo. Gerben and Cees just spent another week in Helsinki so they took the G-mobile from there. They beat us there so they had some time to explore what we where getting ourselves into. Before Joey and I arrived they found some good spots, but not nearly enough to enjoy ourselves for a week.

Joey chillin at the airport.

Besides rails, we also had no idea where to find hotels or other places to sleep. After a short drive we found something and went private.

Day 2:
Sun! In Helsinki this usually means it’s about -30 degrees, but here I was shocked by the heatwave that blew in our faces when we went outside. No bueno for the little white that was still there, but still. We got kicked out of our room, so we had to come up with a new hotel.

We head out to continue our search for metal goods. After a day of searching we finally got some ideas. Time to go hit some. A nice flatrail session under the stars.

After a good session we where hungry so we went for the nearest superstore… The most depressing experience of our lives. They say Oslo is the most expensive city in Europe. People warned us, but really, how bad can it be, right?

Pack of napkins: 3,-
Cinderella plastic bag (one single bag): 2,50
Six-pack beer: 15,-
40G bag chips: 3,50
Bigmac Menu: 17,-

Cees is clearly enjoying his meal at MacD.

I ended up going for the chips… that’ll help me through the week! Back to our trusted hotel, we where lucky that some backpackers cancelled their room. Lucky us.

Luckily we have the ability to make ourselves feel at home right away.

Day 3:
Sun! When usually we are digging for 2 hours to clear out stairs at spots, we now had to dig 2 hours to bring snow to the spot. Hard work! Got kicked out of our room again, what a hustle.

When I say hustle, I mean hustle.

We went to one of the spots we found yesterday, and started digging.

2 hours later G went for a testrun, no good, not gonna work out. Next spot!

Trying to get artsy at the second spot.

Cees really wanted to hit this, a flatrail with kind of a big drop. No landing, 3 more ours of digging, and Cees went for a testrun… Again, no good, not gonna work out! There was not enough room for the winch to generate speed.

Taking some time off to catch a breath after digging.

It’s almost dark and what other spots can we do! To be honest we where all tired of digging. I can’t remember why but we ended up wanting to go to bed, but first we needed to find one. We went back to the same hostel again to give it a try… Nope, all the rooms where occupied, these people where nice though so they let us sleep for less in the basement the rest of the week.

Getting comfortable right away in our new room.

Day 4:
Sun! Snow? It’s day 4 and we have hit one spot so far, not as productive as we are used to being. We went to a sick wooden doublekinked rail. But as soon as our shovels hit the snow a big mustached man came and kicked us out. This man deserves a shave!

On our very confusing way back to our hotel, by accident we found a super fun little stairset. Just to keep moods up we decided to hit that all day.

Joey shows the spot with this 180tail wheely.

Gerben was stoked to finally be on his deck with this switch frontsider.

After a super fun session with beers and chips it was time for the real deal. Cees wanted to hit the downrail that Torstein front blunts and switch backlips. It looks dope on film but when you stand on top of a drop-in ramp on that huge drop, a fright of heights creeps in your tummy.
Unfortunately the sun wasn’t so nice for the snow at this spot so we spent about 4 hours bringing snow to the spot.



The people in the building there knew exactly what we where doing because they actually saw Torstein last year hitting this rail. After some chitchat they went back to their party, and we went back to ours. This wasn’t a rail that you want to try to often, so after a short session Cees got his trick and it was time for us to go home.

Cees contacted one of his local thug homies who was kind enough to tell us where to find another sick spot: a double trouble line with two double downers in one run. Stoked for the next day!

Day 5:
Fuck this sun! We woke up way to late, grabbed some quick breakfast, drove around to find some spots, but there was no snow to be found. We went back to the hotel to chat with Cees’ local spot guide. Remember that Oslo Street League video of the Helgasons?

Gerben showing the spot.

That became our project of the day: a super fun session and a snowball throwing competition that was definitely won by Joey – Not…

G putting his weight in to stay on.

Stoked stoked stoked! Time for the doubledowners! Most interesting session of the week. There was no real way to land this clean. A pole in the landing, a tree next to the rail, stairs, ice, and finally a grave dug by yours truly… Still G wanted to frontboard this sucker but got sucked in and landed on his head. He started talking bullshit about some videogame wich was weird. K.O.

We didn’t go through all this for nothing so Cees and Joey wanted to settle things after our snowball competetion. This time Joey won with a sick cab180 360 revert gapping the second downpart.
Gerben got up, went up, strapped in and cleared his frontboard. In the end it was all worth it!!

This is what a crash does to your face, plus it makes you act all weird. See ya next time!

This was the last railmission we where able to do. The snow is gone now so it’s time to fly on late-season slush kickers. More on that soon!


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