Chaos at PBRJ Final

  • 18 April 2011
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Apparently the senior staches were completely occupied with the new website, they didn’t even notice an underground reporter traveling to Laax to report the Peanut Butter Barbeque Finals.

On Friday, me, Kas Lemmens and battyboy Nikola arrived in laax and went up the mountain to check out the resort with Robin, ‘the best intern’. Basically it sucked so after a long day of riding it was time drink our troubles away.

The next morning we came home just in time for breakfast. We went up again and wished Kas good luck with snowboarding. In the meantime Niko and I sat back in the sun and said yes to free bratwurstels and drinks. Joined by some fine Dutch companions we managed to live another day.

The result is a small collection of horrible pictures we took of the contest.

Naturally we got there way to late so all the best seats where taken. There where about 3 million people watching the contest so that made the vibe so good! Roaring of the crowd when tricks got landed echoed all the way down to the valley.

The Dutch companions: Joshua Pires, qualified for the finales but got gutted on an indoor jump so he had to join the supporters. Then there is Mr. Volcom Holland, Bazuin, with the Benelux Volcom team, Kevin de Haan, and Bart Mulder.

Yes, Bart Mulder was there, nobody really knows why.

Now there we have a sick setup for all the riders to go ballistic on. It’s the classic formula of a Dopplekink, downrail and a creative feature. The creative feature was 2 mailboxes into a downtube, wich we didn’t really take a picture of but you’ll see it in the video that will  be online soon!

After the first heats of not making pictures, it was time for the ladies. These girls where killing it! Absolutely incredible level of riding. We’ve seen Hardway back ones, frontboards on the doublekink, half cabs, everything!

So as soon as the speaker said ‘go!’ the jam session was on and these chicks started charging the setup. Here you can see a nice backboard on the double, and something that looks like a 180 onto the downrail.

The massive crowd was interested in this girl frontboarding the doublekink.

Our national representative among girls, Veroniqi Hanssen, was not present at the quali’s in Snowplanet. In stead she was in Bear all season ripping it up and won the PBRJ stop there. Now she’s back in Europe so the good folks at volcom let her compete in Laax. Allthough this frontboard is stellar, she didn’t qualify for any prizes.

A girl that did win prizes was norwegian Dina Trelan. Well deserved with 180’s in and all those good tricks.

Numero uno among the ladies was this girl, Marry Luggen. Posing here in wat seems to be a frontboard to fakie, but could just as well be a cab 2. This girl was killing it and the extreme crooked angle picture does not do justice to her riding.

It started to get warmer and slushier, nobody complained about that because after every heat the shapers made all the hits and landings perfect again.

Then it was time for the men to show their skills. There was a catagorie for the sponsored and one for the unsponsored. Since everybody was killing it’s very well possible that they are mixed up here. This dude is just throwing a simple frontblunt 270 into the doubledown, sponsored or unsponsored? I don’t know.

One of the kids that wasn’t sponsored two weeks ago but now is on Signal, our homie Kas Lemmens. He was killing it all day with his backtails and halfcab tailpresses and switch frontside tailpresses. This dude has got tricks and puts them  down with so much style. This backtail to regular is no biggie for him!

Noregian Erik Nesse is also somebody that knows how to operate his stick. The shutterspeed on this photo wasn’t set to shredders charging on rails this hard. We can only guess what trick he does here, but it’s definitely not just a 5050. This guy has got spins on lock.

We don’t like to make it to easy on the riders with parklifts etc. No they got tested on stamina as well with all that hiking. Notice that frontblunt to regular in the background?

In the kids category it was one of our indoor buddies that geared himself up with some volcom goodies. Jules Hense has no problem spinning on and off on all the obstacles to get himself on stage, but more on that later!

No idea who this kid is but he also puts down some spinnery on the obstacles.

You won’t believe it but this is actually a (switch?) frontside 270 in 450 out, no joke! He’s on the rail with so much style that I can hardly believe it myself.

Now he did land that trick, but tricks wheren’t over after the landing, even though he is allready unstrapped. More chaos here with riders trying not to hit eachother.

We’ve seen this dude at the stairset battle in munich, today he was doing those gap to flat’s again, and charging the downrail with superspeed. Daniel Rajcsanyi with a front tail 270.

Offcourse when you start doing tricks like that, not everything goes as clean as you would like. Head slam to ninja roll.

Everybody was having fun on the doublekink. We’ve seen a lot of airials to the last downpart. Some where stylish, others where extreme. This one is pretty extreme with a backside 270 gap.

No idea how many photo’s you want to see, so here’s another random dude charging the downrail with some 270’s on and off.

Our buddie Kas got a chance to fight for some prizes in the final heat. We thought he deserved a spot on stage. Killing it with a half cabs on 360 out on the downrail, some steeze on the creative feature and this cab 270 into the doublekink, wich was a bit sketchy but the sketchiness made him spin another 270 off the rail for bonus points.

After all that action it was time to unstrap and hike up ones more for the prizegiving.

First off where the kids.

Our buddy Jules got in fifth, restecp! Numero quatro was a little ripper that for his final run gapped the double kink with some 270’s, pretty extreme for somebody that can’t even drink a beer legally. First up was our Landgraaf shredneck Jesse.

Results Kids:
1. Jesse Augustinus
2. Gary Regnant
3. Lutwig Bilthoff
4. Michel Tobias
5. Jules Hense

In the grown ups without sponsor category, we didn’t really know anybody but we do now!

1. Lasse Ihalainen
2. Joel Ahola
3. Ziga Rakovec
4. Florian Arnold
5. Marc Andreseguin

A little chaos when the tent decided to take the wind and leave.

After a little wilderness and rebuilding the stage it was time for the girls to get on it. We have our southern ladyfriend Anne Sophie, who definately deserves some attention, and a super stoked first placer Mary Luggen.

1. Mary Luggen
2. Anne Sophie Lechon
3. Dina Trelan
4. Joelle Jüchli
5. Christine Szumovsku

Then the gooyest move went to third place girlie Dina Trelan, for a spinnery trick on the doublekink. It was something like a frontside 180 to switch frontboard or something, pretty extreme!

Finally the sponsored men. All photographers wanted a piece of the action here. Full time beer drinking finnish dude Jeppe came in fifth, we where stoked on that, and RockOn teamie Dani was second!

1.  Nejc Ferijan
2. Dani Rajcsanyi
3. Erik Nesse
4. Stefan Rokos
5. Jeppe Rontti

The day was ended with a chaotic goodietoss. I got myself a t-shirt and went home. It was a super awesome day with only good vibes, the afterparty was not one to remember, and the next day the fresh glacier park was sick. All in all a perfect weekend by volcom!


  1. Under the second photo you write:

    “The Dutch companions: Joshua Pires, qualified for the finales but got gutted on an indoor jump so he had to join the supporters. Then there is Mr. Volcom Holland, Bazuin, with the Benelux Volcom team, Kevin Kannekes, and Bart Mulder.”

    I’m pretty sure Kevin Kannekes wasn’t in Laax because he was competing at the Salomon backyardbang.

    - ..
    April 18, 2011 at 20:02
  2. I mean Kevin de Haan ofcourse! Thanks!

    - Stache
    April 18, 2011 at 21:36
  3. and i’m not riding for Volcom, i ride for other brands.

    April 18, 2011 at 21:47
  4. Goed bezig daar in Laax

    - Marcel Kraan
    April 18, 2011 at 21:38
  5. my name is Gery Reguant / 2 nd Position -16

    - Gery
    May 28, 2011 at 08:03
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