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  • 1 May 2011
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The Signal Demo last thursday was perfect. Jake Olson-Elm and Yusaku Horii were ripping with all the local kids. A good crowd in a good park, and even the weather was nice, but unfortunately we are stuck with that roof over our heads. Still, it was one of the best shreds in a while and it came close to riding the outdoors.

We were more busy with doing laps ourselves, so don’t expect much of the video. It’s just a few laps with our homies Bob van Unnik, Joey van Essen, Gerben Verweij, Kas Lemmens, Max de Vries and Philipp Ramhofer, and our new homies Jake and Yusaku. Also props to little Vincent, we didn’t catch his last name but he was ripping all night. Finally a shout out to Gerben who made us the new A-frame rail that will be available the rest of the summer in ‘de Uithof’.

Stay on that refresh button because soon we’ll have some more on Signal’s trip to Dutch-land.


  1. littlest ripper is called Quinten Vos, age of 6

    - M G Vos
    May 1, 2011 at 21:19
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