Signal Boat on Queensday

  • 4 May 2011
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What a week! This was one for in the books. It all started on Thursday the 28th with the Signal Demo at the Uithof. The Signal Demo night was all about diehard snowboarding with homies and uberpros alike, nothing more nothing less. No real contests, no competition, just a good ol’ night of shred fun. Go see that video right here in case you weren’t there or missed it all. The day after we swapped the snow for water and drove to the other side of the country for some wakeshred with the boys from Liquid Force.. Satisfied from pulling the KGB’s, raileys and scubadives we started the best part of the week; Queensday. And if there’s one place to be during Queensday it is Amsterdam, that’s what all the Dutch do. So we joined them, but not just like regular footfolk; Signal Snowboards Europe arranged a nice boat to drift the Amsterdam waters. Epic!

A boat filled with free booze and pumping beats, to cruise Amsterdam Waters. Enter that ship.
The bar was placed right next to the entrance. They were tapping beer for everyone that entered. What an entrance.

Do we need to say more? Beer for everyone!

This could have been one dirty shot according Davids reaction, but it’s just another golden shower down the sketchy stairs. Just to add the consequences.


The top-deck filled with beer and shining faces. Not as many orange as you would expect during Queensday, but we tried, we really did.

Signal Snowboards was represented, here we have two flatlandic teamriders Mick Veen and Barry Muijen. Still looking sharp and fresh at the time.

Jake OE knows how to ruin Bob van Unnik’s moment. No worries Bob, you got your face in almost every shot.

A serious moment for the Euro Signal officer Richard and Signal teamrider Jake OE. We guess Yusaku is just chilling there and enjoying his orange shirt. He’s our guy!

When Bob starts talking he won’t just stop. Untill his vocal cords break down and the smoke starts coming out of his horizontal pussy.

Our lost friend Roy Lansbergen ready to save lives with his Bond Outerwear lifeguard vest on. You might walk into this guy in New Zealand this summe, because he’s going to explore!


Even though Cees is badly injured he decided to join us for a party on the boat. No worries because a neckwarmer like this will keep people on distance. These guys could be brothers..

Gerben Verweij a.k.a the Belieber and his posse, girls love him.

Oh yeah, told you! Gerben going urban and found the two things he loves the most; steel and bad music.

Time for the close-ups!

Have you met mustacheer Tim Schiphorst, the dude that’s making those rad videos…? Tim and his Momentum.

One anonymous smoker.

We dig this boy with his classical orange stache.

The first ship we used our beer cannon on.. they didn’t really care. Beers overboard!

Steef van der Meer reloading his own beer cannon..

At the time other ships knew to avoid our beer throwing crowd, people got bored and started to waste liters of beer on our own ship resulting in a closed bar (for 5 minutes).

Fashionistas Flinke Flip with the GucciPrada Batshades and Serbian homeboy Nikola “van Damme”.. represent!

Friend of the stache Jasper reppin’ the orange lion for us after the USA Signal teamers refused to wear this lovely pant.

The middledeck was made for the hipbreaking bootyshaking beats of our homie Boehmer.

We’re done!


  1. Hahaha sick

    - Tim
    May 4, 2011 at 08:30
  2. looks like a good party!

    - JOHN
    May 5, 2011 at 14:47
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