Balanceboard Cup Wrap

  • 14 May 2011
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The Rome Balance and Balls railjam was a blast. We’ve had a perfect downrail, a speaker that was more involved than the judges, and a crowd that was more involved than the speaker. Last year this ‘game of skate’ concept proved succesfull and with an improved tricklist and organization this years event went ballistic.

So this was basically the idea. Boys and gals had 1 rail to show their trickery on. In round one Bas Mons, the man behind all this madness, came up with a tricklist. All the way from frontside 5050’s to switch backside tailscooters.

Things started off pretty easy for Steef van der Meer, all he had to do was make it to the end in backnose position. Easy Pie. Good to see though that some kids had no problem doing cab 2’s, but when a switch backboard came up letters started to fall. Ah well, can’t have it all!

Bas Mons is into slavery, he calls  trick and you better do it or your out! Not getting to the end of the rail? Dropping your press? landing 90? To bad but you get tagged on your tshirt with some spraypaint, three tags your O.U.T.!

Round two things started to get tricky already. Riders had to play a game of Bingo before dropping in, the number that you’d get would decide what trick to do. Max de Vries picked one of his fav’s, frontnose to regular.. This kid’s got moves so this was no biggie for him.

Others didn’t get that lucky. The picture doesn’t give a clue about what Barry Muijen has to try to pull off here but it looks like he’s having some trouble doing it. No offense though because we all know this dude rips and he made it into the finals anyway so whatever.

These where the sneaky manipulative little slaves that did exactly what Bas said. Suck means letter, Rock means you good.

Snowbase local Jacco Bos was stoked all night and landed a lot of tricks, backlip ain’t no thang like a chickenwang. After enough time enough riders got enough tags. When 10 riders were left it was time for round 3.

Round 3 was the final round and things started to become real interesting. Riders had to challenge eachother, call tricks and show it off yourself. If you don’t land it, the next can try one and so forth. When you call a trick and you land it, the others have to land it as well or they get a letter, again, 3 letters and your out! Steef makes sure the others get some letters with this Back 180 in switch backside 180 out.

Don’t have to much pictures of round 3 because the cam ran out of battery. But we ended up with Wessel van Lierop, Kevin de Haan and Steef van der Meer. Then Wessel called for a Nollie Frontblunt to regular, and landed it wich got him on stage. We missed that on film as well though so when he tried it again he threw a little pretzel in to completely blow everybodies mind.

So the final results are, tum tum tum:
1. Wessel van Lierop
2. Kevin de Haan
3. Steef van der Meer

The chick that landed most tricks was Rachida Aoulad, lots of props and some prices to her as well!

Let’s end things with a picture of Joey that is completely out of context but we don’t mind watching joey shred and the judges go bezerk for his steez.

Oh we didn’t plan on taking photo’s but I brought my cam and Isabelle Hanssen didn’t mind playing around with it and now I’m using her photo’s without permission, ha!



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