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  • 17 May 2011
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Not to long ago the word was spread about a certain Shaped Yardsale, people got stoked and saved their money to buy new gear for less euro’s! But as soon as we arrived at the Yardsale, last weekend, we knew things were going to be different then the sales we are used to visit.  Sure, there was a sale, sure there were lots and lots of fresh gear and goodies but there was more! The guys at Shaped Snowboarding arranged this nice villa somewhere in Rijswijk and transformed this spot into an outdoor snowboardshop including the Dj’s balcony for making the beats a small rail setup for the homies to session and a bar. And that particular bar caused one rebelious night with a slight different outcome then expected.


This is where it all started. People searching for the best deals and as you can see, there’s plenty of gear!

They had fresh outerwear, streetwear, decks from Forum, Signal, Smokin and DC and much more. No worries if you’ve missed it all because there’s gear left and you will find it online or maybe in another sale later this summer. Okay, enough propaganda. Move on!

Luckily the bar opened way before planned. You understand where this is heading to, right?

To make it a bit more snowboard the guys added this small ghetto setup, De Uithof was kind enough to provide some snow on this sunny day. A jerky pile of pallets and some benches, a GV Constructions downrail, sort of a polejam thing and some kids that brought their deck. Not that the speed was any good but it was good enough to make people smile and to make pretty photo’s of handsome snowboarders. Here is Jessie de Vries ready to drop in.

Sticking this back nose? Don’t think so, but he did eventually along with plenty other tricks (wouldn’t dare to talk trash about him). We didn’t feel like hanging around for a photoshoot though so I hope your stoked with this one, buddy.

Speed? No… But that didn’t keep the kids from smiling. In the back Wessel is grabbing his board for some bangers.

A bunch of people enjoying the show or the beers. I guess the last part.

Wessel van Lierop was doing some Banzai moves and spinnery tricks. David von G is taking his time to get inspired and grabbed his stick and strapped in himself as well.

I realize that this article is more like a facebook photoalbum, wonder what it would take to be able to tag people here. Anyways, David is not down for shredding with beers as much as shredding with ciggies.

One last breath to hit that monster rail. If this photo would be from a different angle I swear you would be able to see David’s fear in his eyes.

Finally with some gipsy magic he was able to defeat this monster. David is so hippie that he even makes peace signs while frontboarding a downrail.

I decided to take a little break from the action and walked around a bit when I found out that somebody put Cees Wille in charge of the money. Bad idea, thanks for the free barbeque Cees!

Serbian Chef Nikola Petrusevski knows how to handle a sausage. All you can eat for just 7,50.. not a bad deal!

Meanwhile the kids were still playing on the rail, a little shaping was necessary though but Max de Vries provides.

More people pulled out the sticks since it was hammertime, Rachida Aoulad joined for the lady action. It might not look big but a backside boardslide on this rail was pure banger.

Female gooner with those muddy pose shots. We didn’t have snow to cover everything up so bailing on the rail meant wax job.

Joey von Candy was getting dirty as well. Enjoy it, you will never see this hater shred in jeans! Like a true G.

Disregarding the size of his trousers, he’s got halfcabs on lock.

Wessel was more into the dirtbag hippie bum steez than Joey. Jeans and muddy shirts, all day everyday.

After this move people gave up. Back180 revert, no big deal!

Nik Summers arrived and got himself a VIP barbeque ticket. FOOD!

Food was going well, especially the chicken.

The chicken was good.

The chicken was real good, Joey loves chicken.

Rens didn’t like it as much.

Of course after enough beers somebody got the brilliant idea to play a game of soccer. Soccer like this lasts for at least four hours. After this I lost the camera, then somebody found it in the trash somewhere, then I lost it again but the party went on.

Some peolpe left, most people staid. Rapper ‘Tastic’ dropped by, when everybody had enough beers we recorded his new videoclip. Then we staid a little longer, around 5 in the morning John Doe went to the petting zoo, came back with a goose, and then the lights went out.

The next morning I found the camera in the toilet and tried to snap one to describe the day in 1 photo.




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