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  • 17 May 2011
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You just as curious as us about the new Travis Rice flick ‘The Art of Flight’? As we were browsing the web, just watching the ridiculous good teaser again, we came across some of their camera-equipment. Care to have look with us?

So these guys film in full-blown HD, but since a couple of years the man on the corner could get a decent Digital SLR Camera with film-capabilities for the price of a couple of snowboards, everybody is able to get decent output.  Still, you aint seen nothing yet;

Your regular biggy Film-camera’s. There you go, with your puny DSLR.

This is the mainstay of their film-equipment; this sphere. It was mounted on this pick-up truck for the former film ‘That’s it, that’s all’ as well. They use it for the Helishots as well.

But who needs a pick-up truck, when there’s awesome snowcats.

It get’s better with this mini Halo buggy with snowtracks. Awesome times two!

They used it for a private shooting at Aspen, Snowmass. Aspen, for the riches and huge Halo-buggy camera-bitches!


And this thing was just in. RC helicopters with RC mounted HD camera’s. Triple Awesomeness. We’re more than stoked about the end-result. We know it will never outperform Momentum, but we can’t wait till this Fall. Keep up with the Brain Farm crew over at the Art of Flight website.



  1. Next gen GoPro, isn’t it?

    - Tripod
    May 17, 2011 at 13:07
  2.  Wow remember when movies shot with dolly’s were considered ‘big budget films’?

    - Tim
    May 17, 2011 at 13:28
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