Wiesn Gaudi Rail Jam

  • 22 May 2011
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It’s springtime and that means time for railbattles with way to little snow and sketchy set-ups. Last friday it was Kaunertal’s edition of these kind of contests with the Wiesn Gaudi Rail Jam. There was way to little snow in the landing and according to Tobi Hartmunth there were “way to many flapdrolls”.

The set-up consisted of a nice downrail with optional polejam in front, and a downflat rail. Not bad for a free event, throw in some free Monster Energy and food galore, and you got yourself a fun day of shredding!

Hopefully it’s clear by now that we were not present at this joyous event. So all we could do was rip a photo of the Grounded website for your viewing pleasure.

The snow came straight of the Kaunertal Glacier, so there wasn’t alot. Little speed and short landings didn’t matter to the flapdrolls that just wanted to ride the setup and have fun. Judges weren’t necessary because the riders had to judge each other.

There are no big suprices in the results. Michi Schatz swiveled himself some prices together with Steve Grumser, Davo Struber, Dominik Wagner, Alex Beer, Dominik Brunner, and Mary Luggen. We probably forgot some winners but we hope you are stoked with your bottle of wiskey and ‘Grounded’ t-shirt.



  1. yo man nice story, here´s the session video raw cut nr.1
    feel free to post it on here
    peace andi

    - Andi
    May 23, 2011 at 15:20
  2. - Andi
    May 23, 2011 at 15:21
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