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  • 19 June 2011
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Cees Wille is a real up-and-comer and last season was a big one for him. The seasoned featured high highs and low lows. One of the biggest things this guy endured was an injury. Not any type of injury, Cees broke his neck. Jup, his neck. Read on for the full story. We asked Cees how he’s keeping it together and this is his story:

I’m already on one third of the recovery and damnnn it’s f*cked up hard! I’m allowed to do nothing! And doing nothing is pretty damn hard! Let me recap for you what happened:

I was in Laax for the Dutch Open Championships and the only thing I wanted was to stay untill the volcom PBRJ, which happened to be only a weekend or two later. So I decided to stay and while being there kill the time by shredding te park, but as the condition weren’t that good I searched for other things to do. The best part is that Laax is really freestyle minded and they got this European WoodWard. It’s the  Freestyle Academy, and basiclly it features all sorts of items to train your freestyle skills on. They have all sorts of trampolines, balance ropes, a foam-pit with a big air and a slightly smaller one. Besides those they also have a full fledged skateboard half-pipe. Well, it’s more like an indoor skatepark, but there’s no street setup.

They call it a foampit but it more looks like a pile of paving stones. So is landing in it according Cees his experiences.

Anyway, we just went there for fun, jumping some trampolines and stuff. And then I thought let’s try some double flips from the trampoline in the foam-pit. What could go wrong. It’s all made out of soft foam. The cushioning is everywhere, hell no,  nothing can go wrong here! So, thats the thing every one is thinking, right?  What can go wrong in a pit full with soft pillows?

So i jumped. The rotation was about 2,5 flip and that wasn’t the plan offcourse. My head got stuck between some of these foam-cubes, but my lower body still had a lot of spin/rotation. Basically, my head was already done with spinning while my body still wanted to go through with it. And then: snap!

I was there with some friends and I really didn’t feel good. Instantaneously I turned really white, like Michael Jackson- like white (I also slammed my nose earlier this season, really really hard so I should’ve looked like him anyway, hahah ). Anyway, as the Dutch Olympic team was still in town for the Dutch Open I thought i’d better see their physiotherapist. At least he’s dutch, so that makes things easy. The guy helped me pretty good.  I still could turn my head and it didn’t hurt that much as well. He told me if I would still be in a pain in the Netherlands I better see a doctor. The trip back was planned in only four days, so that seemed no big of a deal.

Back in the Netherlands, just to be sure, I went to the Doctor’s post on saturday evening and the doctor told me everything was just fine. No need to worry. A small whiplash was the diagnosis and he said that I’d better put some tiger balm on it. Everything will be good. So heujj ‘ happy face Cees’ !  I told him I heard a crack and he told me if my neck was broken I wouldn’t be here ‘my friend’! Who was I to doubt his judgment, so I was really stoked!
After  a couple of days I still had an annoying pain in my neck, so I  went to the physio(therapist) again to ask if they could help me out. As I did the request she said she needed assistance from my own general practitioner. I called him and he wanted to have a look as well. He sent me  straight to the hospital to make some X-ray’s. Just to be sure, still. When the X-ray’s were developed they saw something, but it’s really hard to see,  because they take the picture through your mouth. A couple of hours later these guys also wanted to be sure, so they put me trough a CT-scan. And that was the moment the actual Doc. came to me. “Mister Wille,  I have some really bad news. You’ve broken your neck. I was like ‘ Whoot the f*, you’re kidding me, right?”

Cees really is photogenic. It looks like Cees is hiding another story about a fake tooth?

Apparently, he wasn’t, so we went straight to the emergency department and all the doctors and nurses where looking at me like ‘ WTF kid you just broke your neck and you’re just chill here!” Before I knew I was in a bed and had a Neck-brace on. I had to stay in the hospital to wait what the doctors had to say about it. They were opting for an operation. Being cosy with my Mom (haha) the neuro-surgeon luckily decided that an operation wasn’t necessary. I still had to walk with a neck-brace for 3 months, though.

The next CT-scan is planned on the 12th of July and hopefully it’ll all be good! If so, I can’t wait to be on my stick again and celebrate it with the Shaped Crew and the Stachio’s in Les Deux Alpes this summer! Hope to see you there to shred some!


We say: “Good look Ceesboy“.


  1. Lekker plaatje cees, bizar verhaal

    - Jord
    June 20, 2011 at 10:40
  2. Take care dude! You are one lucky kid.

    - Rik
    June 21, 2011 at 10:18
  3. Take care boy! 

    July 4, 2011 at 21:27
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