Skullcandy Shinebattle

  • 26 June 2011
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Last Friday, while helping Gerben Verweij with the setup for Skullcandy Railbattle, everything looked promosing. G nailed it on the stairset, snowworld offered plenty of snow and the weather looked good.
The next morning when all the stoked riders opened their curtains, rain was pouring down. Things didn’t look good but luckily a lot of people showed up for this mud pool party. It was raining but the shred came down like thunder.

This is one of the few outdoor events that we have in Holland, so like every year rippers from all over the benelux gathered up at the parking lot of Snowworld Zoetermeer for a shredfest summer edition.

Even though the weather wasn’t perfect there where smily faces all over. Boehmer was supplying the beats and the bar kept the soda and beers flowing. For people that wanted a rest from all the heat, Skullcandy and Shaped snowboarding set up their stands for people to peep some fine snowboard and audio gear, then to top things off kids could catch some airtime on the BigAirBag and walk up high into the AirBag tower to get a nice view of the setup.

Here’s G’s fresh setup. That close out is for sure one feature we haven’t seen in holland yet. To bad most kids didn’t know what to do with it, plus the rain made the landing kind of impossible to stomp any tricks on it. Most action went down on the centerpiece of the stairset: the double down and donkeydick.

With Boehmer on the wheels of steel, people got and stayed in the mood all day. Funky beats and some Maybach music is the new hype. Bouncing heads all day long, kids got stoked and it was time to get some shred on.

The contest got a slow start. After our friends on two sticks it was time for the youngsters and ladyfriends to show their magic. While everybody was landing some tricks there where some names that popped out. Among the girls that name definitely was Rachida Aoulad. Joshua Pires, and aber naturlich Jesse Augustinus where killing it among the boys.

In the first heat of the men category things slowly started to heat up. Joey van Essen has his tricks on lock. When you see him ride you can put your bets on seeing some of the steeziest backblunts and 180’s. Better make sure to pay attention to what way he’s riding though, because he does it all normal and switch. Like this photo above, could be a switch backblunt 270 but it’s probably a backnose pretzeltime. Believe me though, he can do those tricks.

Other contestants in this heat where Luc Buthker, Steef van der Meer, Bob van Unnik, Bart Falhaber, Thijs Ottens etc. See? Smily faces, it wasn’t half as bad as it would seem with this weather.

The vibe was good and slowly riders started to hype eachother up. Luc Buthker couldn’t take the pressure anymore and whipped his half cab straight into a nosepress. Good stuff got him enough steezpoints to break into the finals.

We didn’t see a whole lot of sideway sliding down the rails in the first heat. When this ripper slammed his deck through the kink with this back blunt, he received a lot of ooh’s and aah’s. Forgive us for not knowing the name, tell us ones and we’ll never forget, this dude has got skills.

As more tricks got landed, G got more involved. Like always he was entertaining the crowd and more importantly entertaining himself.

Maybe it where his own jokes that entertained G all day, but what got him stoked more likely, was being able to look at his masterpiece setup being shred to pieces all day long. Thijs Ottens, backside lipslide, qualified.

Steef got himself into the finals with his kinked tricks and his epic stickerjob. Don’t know which of his skills where more important to the judges but he did it. As he was fixing his snurrbart with a waxjob, the rest of the men got ready to heat up 2.0. The second part of the qualies featured more heavy hitters like Kevin de Haan, Kas Lemmens, Wessel van Lierop and Steffen van der Land.

Wessel van Lierop showed how to get blunted regularly. Insane trickery by this ripper like we all expected after seeing his latest indoor hammervideo’s. I honestly think that Wessel can put down about every railtrick in the book, they should write a sequel.

An example is him showing his frontside version of that blunt to regular, and not dancing the samba like you might think at first glance.

And then finally after stomping all his hammers on the donkeydick, he moved on to the next rail to show he’s not afraid to slam his deck through the kink. Lipslide 270, no wonder the judges wanted to see more of him in the finals.

One of the other local shredders you see at events every ones in a while is Mel Lamers. His name might sound new to some of you but he’s got tricks and style so for the next time you see him, remember his name. Above a cab180 tailpress and frontside lipper.

The crowd being ultra focussed, you didn’t want to miss a single trick. The sad faces probably because they wanted to hit those rails themselves.

Oh yeah! Matty Kan showed up as well, no warm up no problem. Putting his frontboard straight down into the donkeydick and one of the few riders that actually hit the closeout feature for a while.

The entire contest got dominated by the underdog hitters. Rippers that a lot of people might not know. It made the contest very unique and super hard to judge. At least to me when all the heats where done and G blew the whistle on the finals, I had no idea who should have won.
The judges made up their minds though, and for tricks like this backtail from the photo above, Steffen van der Land walked away with the loot. All day long he rode super consistent, did tech tricks and basically killed it all over the setup.

Grande Winners du men:
1. Steffen van der Land
2. Thijs Ottens
3. Wessel van Lierop

Since it was so hard the judge, Gerben was not satisfied with only three podium places. Kevin de Haan killed it just as hard and got some goodies too and more importantly respect.

Petit winners:
1. Joshua Pires
2. Erik Bastiaanse
3. Jesse Augustinus

The surprises on the lady stage wasn’t as big as with the men. Rachida should start competing with the men, this girl is insane!

Lady winners:
1. Rachida Aoulad
2. Kim Idsinga
3. Lynn Uitvlugt

Now there is one name we haven’t mentioned yet. He killed it all day long and stomped only banger tricks. But since the stage with the men was completely filled, the judges decided to throw in a best trick price, which Kas Lemmens definitely deserved for his backtail on the doubledown, a banger trick to end this article, Adieu!

(This Hurricane was not the trick that got him into the pricemoney)
Oh no, wait there was one thing.. We forgot to thank all our friends. Gerben Verweij, your the man! GVconstructions, Snowworld and Skullcandy, yes! Oh and did you notice there where some images missing from the finals? We cheapsters have no fancy radioslaves and external light sources, we do have a videocamera so later this week you will find more craziness.
Untill then, good night and good luck!



  1. mooie hurricane noob

    - Bonk
    June 26, 2011 at 20:01
  2. jij ook mooie frontblunt tot de helft bonk

    - Kas_stinkerd
    June 26, 2011 at 21:38
  3. oli kimmich from hamburg did the blunts like it was nothin!

    - Torge Nagel
    June 28, 2011 at 12:12
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