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  • 28 July 2011
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In the past a lot of words have been said about Les Deux Alpes. After spending two weeks there with Wessel van Lierop and Kas Lemmens, not a lot is left to write about. In stead we’ll try to explain how our usual day in deux looks like.
It was our usual summertrip, snow, skate, trampoline, hiking, filming and booz, muchos booz. Normally we would add pool, lake and sun to this list but we would be lying. The weather wasn’t great, the lifts where even closed a few days, like always, especially the second week.

We woke up one morning, cloudy as hell, but the lifts where opened so let’s spend 45 minutes in the gondola and go sightless shredding. When the gondola brought us 10 meters above ground we broke through the first pack of clouds and saw a true winter wonder land. Snow has been falling around the mid-station, the rest of that day and the next we where riding like it was wintertime, fresh snow, snowfall and fog.

Winter Summertime. What a view to wake up to. After a full day of shredding we headed back to the fort. We stayed at SMK which was our luck, because the riders appartment is probably one of the only appartment complexes that have an indoor miniramp in the basement. When it’s rainy in L2a there isn’t much to do, except indoor skating!

If it stopped raining later we could move outside for the bigger ramp, or watch skiër dudes practise they DoubleDips on the trampoline.

Mees van Lierop is our local doubledude and has spent quite some time getting his doubles on lock on the trampoline.

This training facility is only opened for people who stay at SMK, and opens up around 16:00. So there are still a few hours to kill, for Wessel and Kas that usually meant a visit to the public skatepark. Lot of rippers where going insane in the miniramp but we are more into snowboarding, Wessel had fun practising some flips.

Exhausted we looked for a place to grab something to eat, drink some beers, hit the bars, hit L’avalanche, go home set out alarmclocks and find out that we have 3 hours of sleep left, typical day in the life. At night we could see some stars so that meant good possibilities on a good day after! It was true, after a powernap we ran to the gondola and did laps all day, filming for some Weekly Moments.

Last monday you have already seen this cab270 in 270 out. Kas was killing it on the downrail. Unfortunately his kill streak got cut short by cranky lift operators who want to go home at 13:00. It sucks that the lifts are not open for that long, so every day we went hiking and filming.
The shapers start at the top of the run, so did we. When we got kicked away by the shapers we moved on to the next feature and keep shredding as long as we can!

We where not alone. We’ve got Luc Büthker in our crew and Bart Falhaber, and doubledude Mees van Lierop.

The first feature was this banked flatbox, in our first Les Deux Alpes weekly you already saw Kas killing this feature, this trick didn’t make it in the cut though.

Usually where were joined by a lot of our homies. Cees Wille didn’t fit in our appartment anymore, he arrived in Les Deux Alpes the second week, also getting swirly on the banked flatbox. After everybody got some tricks the shapers had enough and kicked us. On to the next obstacle.

Our other homie that joined us was Bart Falhaber with this backlipper, reppin the Shaped Family. He’s got moves, check him out in next mondays Weekly.

What got into Wessel’s mind is still a mystery. His session started off slow, but when this rail started to piss him of he gave it a heavy lift over. Banger after banger. If you don’t know if Wessel is goofy or regular, I wish u good luck deciphering that in his L2a weekly which is coming up. I can tell you that this photo above here is not just a tailpress.

Luc was our back-up intro filmer for the week. He’s got moves and impresses Kas with this fs180in cab360 out. It was time for the shapers to also make this feature neat and tidy for the next day. Cees gave it a last go and went out with a bang. Cees has got the cleanest backside nosepress backside 180 out of Les Deux Alpes.

Thanks to our homie Nikola Petrusevski for snapping some photo’s. And SMK for the good times. Now better check back here on the next mondays for banging Weekly Moments with all our homies.


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