Bottom Line – Teaser

  • 30 August 2011
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Piracy is hot these days and so are the Pirates. For their tenth movie they wanted to do something special. Like everybody else on facebook they are following the hipster trend and actually shot this movie on film which is pretty cool. Besides that you will be able to get yourself a special edition DVD including a 100 page hipster book filled with artsy goodness.
September 16th in Innsbruck for the first time! Better go watch it.

Featuring: Gigi Rüf, Marco Feichtner, Kalle Ohlson, Markku Koski, Arthur Longo, Juuso Laivisto, Tyler Chorlton, Chris Sörman, Hans Ahlund, Björn Hartweger, Danny Larsen, Teo Konttinen, Victor Teymurov, Stian Solberg, Gerome Mathieu ,Erik Botner, Werni Stock & friends


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