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  • 1 September 2011
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Once again the beloved friends at the Federale Internazionale de Ski, FIS, shows us that they are just a bunch of conceited, not understanding cunts. Not too long ago the Olympic Committee invited some snowboarding competition insiders to talk trough the current qualification process. Of course without any success. According the following article the FIS/IOC completely ignored their input.. Way to go!

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  1. “The FIS way or the high way”. If you look at the current Slopestyle-events the Burton Global Series, Dew-Tour and the X-Games are absolutely top slopestyle competitions. They are so far ahead compared to the competition that it would be hard to ignore.

    Then again, it’s a dog-eat-dog world. If the FIS is able to compete on par with these competitions ánd there’s a chance of going to the Olympics less and less riders will compete in the above mentioned competitions. Could you blame the riders for having a better outlook doing FIS competitions? Nope. Are more open competitions better for riders? Yes it is. So who is going to feel the pain then? Probably the non-FIS event-organisers and their big sponsors.

    Do I feel sorry for them then? I guess that depends on the event. You can make shitloads of money from big-budget events, but I do feel for the event-organisers with a real snowboarding-heart pushing Snowboarding to the next level each year, if they would only play a small role at the sideline due to the FIS monopolising the slopestyle event.

    - P. Stachio
    September 1, 2011 at 08:14
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