We had a Pre-Pre-Momentum!

  • 1 September 2011
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3 weeks ago I got a mail from Tim Schiphorst, the dude that’s responsible for Postland Theory and tons of videos here. He asked me if I was down watching the recently finished Momentum video later that night. I told him to be there. But as soon as I hit the send button I realized he said “come and see the finished video”. Already? Normally flatlandic video projects take a year or 2 to complete or never even hit the big screens. But obviously that’s not how Tim does it.

Later that day we met at the guys from Shaped Snowboarding to watch the new Momentum video with most of the riders and involved people while enjoying beers and food. To keep this night in line with the season Tim arranged some  sausages, bacon and burgers. Apparently greasy fastfood is what keeps these guys running when they are not snowboarding, sleeping or playing Command and Conquer Generals.

While Bob van Unnik was taking his time to make the best out of these sausages the others were, like always, waiting impatiently for the movie to hit the big screen.

Time to do what we came for, chill back and watch that video.


Tim Schiphorst slightly nervous for the first reactions while watching the opener part by Kas Lemmens. There’s no need to worry for Tim, because with people like Kas you are almost guaranteed for insane footage. For Kas this was his first year filming on the streets but that doesn’t hold this kid back from drifting down triple kinks like it ain’t a thing.

Bob van Unnik van Joey van Essen still speechless after seeing this video 3 times. So was I.

Joey’s share in the movie is a never ending rush of stylish pretzels, noseslides and presses with so much ease on any obstacle imaginable. Not to forget Bob’s debut with his first full official videopart. Throwing tech tricks on the street Bobwise, pretty amazing knowing that this dude is just riding for a couple of years now..

Even though Momentum is a project from dutch grounds it has the international flavor with the presence of a bunch of Finish and German riders. Thanks to local guys like Naku, Niko, Otto, Tobi.. (just to name a few)  the Postland crew was able to hit new and unseen spots in Helsinki and learn how to do super stylish  invert-stick-to-the-wall-stiffies like Naku is doing ‘m up here.

One of the many tries to get these euphoric kids into a structured conversation to make a planning for next year. Failed.

This was just a very small grab from this new video, maybe not very impressive for you but we can assure you that you will love it when it’s available online. That will be after the 14th of October. So be sure to block that day. No dates, work or other appointments, this date will be legendary. It’s the premiere party of Momentum at “Paard van Troje” in The Hague.

More about this later!







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