The Art of Flight is coming!

  • 8 September 2011
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One of the most anticipated movies of the upcoming season (and probably of all time) is premiering soon. You must’ve been living under a rock if you missed the buzz about it, but after the success of the previous movie, ‘That’s It That’s All’, brought to us by Travis Rice and his crew, they are ready for their next piece of art. Red Bull even founded a new media division called Red Bull Media House, which from now on will focus on high-level action sports cinematography, to pump money into this big budget film. Together with Quiksilver and Brain Farm Cinema, this is their highly anticipated product: the Art of Flight.

With Travis’ crew consisting of powder powerhouses like John Jackson, Jeremy Jones, the Müller and also featuring Pat Moore, Lago and Mark McMorris, this is going to be a real shredfest! Even DCP joins in. Mark McMorris deserves extra credit here, because this 17 year old youngbuck stomped triple corked 1440′s in Aspen, Colorado. There  it is, the next level in snowboarding, documented right in this trailer.

Travis and his monster-crew travelled deep down from Chilean Patagonia’s Darwin range to Alaska’s Tordrillo peaks with big powderspots in British Columbia and Wyoming. We are surely going to see the best shots of the finest powder the Southern and Northern hemispheres have to offer. The full film takes up over 80 minutes of your time, so there’s more to see than McMorris’ action alone.

To get you all hyped up we’ve embedded the second trailer from these boys showing lots of heli-footage, avalanche madness, backcountry tricks, blood, sweat & tears and even more awesome tricks accompanied by a Metal soundtrack.

The US tour starts of in New York any moment now, but for all you Euros out there, they will tour from the 8th of this November with premieres in Munich, London, Stockholm, Amsterdam and more. Check out for details about the tour dates, all premiere locations and the release dates for iTunes and DVD. We’re pretty excited (understatement) and can’t wait to see Travis and his buds in action!

This article is brought to you by one of our sponsors. Written by David Leeuwenburgh.


  1. best snowboard-movie ever! the complete playlist of the amazing soundtrack from the art of flight:


    - max
    September 10, 2011 at 20:02
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