Basic Burton Bullshit?

  • 18 September 2011
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Last Saturday, Burton brought part of their team over Antwerp to show and celebrate their film Standing Sideways for the first time in Europe. Since  we didn’t have enough cash to go to the Octoberfest, and still wanted to have a beerfest, we decided to go to this Antwerp filmfiesta.

The party started at nine, but luckily we didn’t arrive before eleven because by that time the venue was still pretty empty. 15 minutes later the film was about to start, but it took the presenter about another 15 minutes to call all the present riders on stage. I guess he tried to hype the entire happening up a bit, especially when Seppe Smits was called to stage. This humble boy that is Belgiums pride received a lot of kind words and presents and what not.

It’s easy to hate on everything that Burton does, I guess that their actions in the past have set an image for them that a lot of snowboarders don’t feel a thing for. However, these guys know how to spend their money and got themselves a ridiculous team, on which every kind of snowboarder should stoked on. They kept a bunch of veterans, kicked out the old and overrated, and hired new upcoming shredders. Yes, their current team is sick!

The guys behind the camera aren’t to shabby either. Mac Dawg stopped making their own productions but didn’t quit the filming game. Burton did what they do best and bought off the filmers and let them produce Standing Sideways. You can say about the company whatever you want, but they know where to invest their money!

All in all we where looking forward to the film, so we where happy when they finally pressed play after a way to long talk about why Seppe is such a good snowboarder.

The movie starts off with an insane part of Kazu Kokubo. He’s taking his wild japanese style to the backcountry and slays the steepest lines and rocky terrain. His part was almost the biggest stoke of the movie, and set the tone for what to come.

Then videopart guy of last year, Mark Sollors, starts of with following in Kazu’s footsteps. Many crazy powder shots, and a lot of airtime, not just in the backcountry, but also in the streets. Gap to rails are this years hype and Mark Sollors knows how to set it.
I really hoped Jeremy Jones would have left his shuvit board at home. His part starts good and the jib veteran shows he knows his way around the backcountry, and also kills insane urban spots and lines, like we’d expect. The more his part progressed, the more my trust grew about not having any shuvits in it, unfortunately he couldn’t resist… bummer.
Like we expected, they put all of the urban hitters in one part. It starts of strong with Alex Andrews, if you haven’t seen Retrospect yet, you might enjoy his part, but in the end there are no extra tricks in the Burton Film. Zack Hale also shows his stellar urban moves, and Ethan Deiss tops it all off. I guess he had a great season because he’s got tons of footage. A bunch of shots in this part we already saw in Retrospect, but he still had a few surprises in store for us.

At this point it struck me that we haven’t seen a single doublecork in the movie yet, but right then, Mickey Rencz set the tone. I always thought that park jumps weren’t really legit to be in a movie, but this part proves the opposite. Seppe Smits continues what Mickey started, in just a few park shots he shoes why he is so famed. Huge doublecorks and flatspins with style according to the books. However, if you got excited by seeing his name in the trailer, and fell for the kind words of the presenter before the movie, you where probably dissapointed to see so little of this Belgium shredder.
Yes, it was a regular doublefest, then Mark McMorris name appeared on screen and I think we all knew where this was going: triple time.
Just when we thought not to see any rail shots anymore, Keegan Valaika stepped up. He has one of the most insane railparts I have seen this year. He doesn’t give a shit about kinks, nosepresses and frontboards easily bash through any kinked rail, and any other urban spot for that matter.

I kind of hoped that this would be the ender part, but Jussi Oksanen ended the video with a lot of powdery things that we all have seen before. However, it’s good to see that Jussi is still killing it, and probably won’t stop killing it for a long time.

In the end, while the credits where rolling I couldn’t help but applaud this film. I loved the oldschool Mack Dawg vibe, there where no fancy helicopter shots, or super slow motions, the entire film just screamed snowboarding. I got hyped by the film and felt like getting the party started. They threw in some goodies go make everybody happy, but that’s where it ended, the afterparty was not what we are used to see of antwerp, so we decided to head to other places in search for our night remainder.

At least there was one dude having an epic time. We say thanks to the people of Burton, and Luc Büthker for carrying the camera around all night and using it properly.

Mark Sollors, stoked on his videopart, saying: Good Bye.


  1. burton will always be bullshit- well done for saying it though

    - Jamesfisher17
    September 19, 2011 at 19:48
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