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  • 26 September 2011
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The Postland Rail Riots is one for the books, and a riot it was! A bunch of kids from all over Holland showed up to shred along with the postland boarders, and kill it on the custom features. The locals from Montana had been working hard to build up a setup for this day. A downrail, flat corrogator with polejam option, and a double down rail that was specially made for the contest.

As soon as they opened the setup everybody started showing off their best tricks, and the contest wasn’t even started! Nothing changed when the judges started paying attention, everybody just kept lapping and having a good time.

From round 1 Kevin de Haan was killing it all over the setup. Especially the kinked rail was popular among the riders. Frontboarding it was nothing but warm up. In the first heats the kids and girls had 45 minutes to show us their moves.

Veroniqi Hanssen finished what she started a few weeks back in Antwerp, this time she stomped that backboard through the kinked rail… multiple times. The level among girls is rising and Niqi earned her spot for the finals.

Joshua Pires AKA Swooshua proves his name fitting, with this doubledowner action switching up in the kink.

Jacco Bos, all the way from snowbase was throwing mad combo’s all day that also got him into the finals.Gerben Verweij was having fun with the judges and the Megaphone that didn’t work. With that loud music it was impossible to get some structure in the heats which was probably the reason why everybody was just lapping all day long. Not to worry because the judges kept an eye on it all so it ended up being a pretty fair game.

Olivier Maes did more switch ups than the human eye can follow, so many switch ups and swooshes that the judges enjoyed watching it and wanted to see more of him in the finals.

Bob van Unnik got a little grumpy because it wasn’t his heat yet, so he just decided to go shred. It was time for the mens heat anyway, frontblunt to regular BOOM! BAM!!
Bob charged the setup and did some crazy tricks on the flat tube and gapping the flatpart of the Double down. More of what you will see in the video that is coming out later this week.

Gerben was Missing so Kas Lemmens took over the job as host and started eyeballing for anything not legit to burn riders down. Straight after he started charging the setup with his steezy frontblunt to reg’s on the double kink.

He was killing it but Kas got disqualified for trying to kill the filmer by slitting his throat with his edges mid-air. Dangerzone!

David van Gessel showed up so we expected a lot more banzai moves, I don’t even know how to call this grab but it sure looks bendy.

And when you start doing crabdances on the flat tube, you are guaranteed to win your spot into the finals. O-legs for stylepoints.All the while there where still some kids showing their serious moves, like Anthony Inthout busting 540’s out of the corrogator, and all over the setup.
People that where sitting in the restaurant must have enjoyed Wessel van Lierop‘s show. Switch backside 360’s in, hardway cab 360’s in, 450’s out 360 reverts, he surely knows how to keep all his spins super technical by reverting them or putting in some presses.
This switch frontside noseblunt does not do justice to the shit he pulled, but you will just have to wait and see a bunch of upcoming videos featuring Wessel.

The judges knew enough and pulled all gathered up all the riders plus the postland posse. Finals where about to go down hard!

The concept in the finals was that everybody competed against eachother, kids girls and men. In the end there would be an allround top 3, a best kid and best girl. After a heated session some hard decisions had to be made in order to give away the prizes, but this is what happened.
Like always Rachida Aoulad walked away with some goodies for being the hardest killing girl at the spot.
Rachida was busting 270’s, 180’s into the kink, hardway 180’s and steezy lipslides. She deserved it. Among the kids there was a dude that we had never seen before, but he did some steezy boardslides and spins into presses, big up for Daniel van Keulen.

Daniel with a backblunt 270, followed up by a halfcab tailpress.
Daniel won himself a Forum snowboard as rookiesupport, we hope to see him more often at these events.

Overall third was another Snowbase local Dion Janse. Second Max de Vries, unfortunately we don’t have any proof of why they deserved it. Again: wait for the video coming out later this week.

Overall it was Kevin de Haan who had been killing it the hardest. Some of his higlights where a 540 out of the flat tube and a backside 180 360 revert. He attacked the doublekink with frontboards, backlips and frontside lipslides steezy like this:

These winners won a shitload of goodies and  (if 18+) a vip ticket to the Momentum premiere the 14th of October. We also hope to see you there! Thanks to everybody for showing up and  shout outs to Postland for organizing this event. Let’s do it again next year!


  1. Daniel rides regular so his bluntslide was regular and the 180 to press switch

    - Hoooooooiiiiiii
    September 26, 2011 at 11:40
  2. Thanks! Aangepast

    - Postland
    September 26, 2011 at 13:19
  3. Leuk verslag 🙂

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