Neues Park near Innsbruck

  • 5 October 2011
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If Innsbruck wasn’t already the perfect city for the winter they made it the perfect city now with the coming of a new park. This new park will be based at the “Innsbrucker Hausberg Patscherkofel”.  Some local crews came together to make a good plan for the setup which succeeded, below here is a list of the line you’ll find at this Hausberg Patscherkofeljoint:


– Londongap (What the hell that may be??)
– Kicker mit 2 Absprüngen
(14 Meter Table /9 Meter Table)
– Corner Jump
– 4x Modular Straight Boxen
– 2x Modular Flat Boxen
– 1x Picknick table
– ca.10 PVC/Riffelrohre
– 1x Bonk Pole jam
– 1x Straight Pipeline
– 1x Curved Pipeline
– 1x Slime Spine
– 1x Delta Wall
– 1x Mail box
– 1x Jib tank (5m)
– 1x Pole jam
– 1x 5m Straightrail (kids)
– 1x Downrail (9m)
– 1x Downflatrail (7m)
– 1x Doublekinkrail(11m)
– 1x Elbowdoublekinkrail(10m)

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  1. Londongap(shown for the first time on a skatecontest in London-that`s where the name comes from) is a skateboarding obstacle. It`s a bank with a step up gap to flat.
    see link: http://www.sk8mag.de/Spots/Naefels/fb_DSC2677_800.jpg for snowboarding this might be known as “stepup” – a huge “londongap”.I think now you know what they are talking about…

    - Pertin
    October 5, 2011 at 17:45
  2. The author’s german seems very advanced, seriously.

    - Sepp
    October 5, 2011 at 22:37
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