GoPro Hero 2?

  • 24 October 2011
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You pretty much can say that the coming of wearable cameras like GoPro changed snowboarding. Since the existence of these small easy to use devices the amount of snowboarding videos on the internet has been doubled, tripled or maybe quadrippled. That’s logic if you know that these cameras are affordable, deliver high quality footage and never seen before angles by just mounting the camera on any interesting spot.

As if it wasn’t already super easy to get sick shots and spread it with the rest of the world, GoPro made it even more easy with the coming of their enhanced Hero… the Hero 2. It’s not that they launched a complete new camera, they say they bettered the old Hero, which has been on the market for 2 years now. We haven’t had our hands on it yet so we can’t really tell you if it really is 2x better. But by seeing the list of enhancements for the Hero 2 and knowing the capabilities of the old hero we have to say that this might be one hell of a camera!

Some feature enhancements for the Hero 2:

  • 11 Mega Pixel sensos
  • 2x Faster Image Processor
  • 2x Sharper Glass Lens
  • Professional Low Light Performance
  • Full 170 degrees. Medium 127 degrees and Narrow 90 degrees FOV in 1080p and 720p mode
  • 120 fps WVGA, 60 fps 720p, 48 fps 960p, 30 fps 1080p
  • 10 Photo per Second burst
  • 1 Photo every 0.5 sec Timelapse mode
  • 4 LED’s
  • 3.5mm External sterao Mic input
  • Simple Language-based User interface
  • Compatible with Wi-Fi BacPac and Wi-fi Remote
    – Long Range Remote Control of up to 50 GoPro cameras per Wifi Remote
    – Wi-Fi Video/Photo Preview, Playback and Control via GoPro App
    – Live Streaming Video and Photo to the Web

Full specs of both cameras:

check www.gopro.com for more details.



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