Friday night, busy night!

  • 25 October 2011
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Friday is gonna be a busy day. If you don’t know what we are talking about, you probably haven’t read about the Rock A Rail contest. Protest and Monster are inviting Europes top shredders, in the city centre of the hague they will put on a show you won’t soon forget. We already posted setup updates, and any more info on the event you can find on rockarail.com.

The latest just came in, the Supermarkt (bar on the square where the contest is held) will fill the gap between the qualie’s and the final’s by throwing not one, but two movie premieres. Most of us has seen Momentum by now, but who bothers watching it again on the big screen?
Secondly, our German RockOn buddies’ movie ‘Propaganda’ will  be shown for the first time! Officially the premiere is being held in Köln that same night, but we spread the love worldwide like watching the football world championships.

Propaganda is featuring a shitload of homies like Wessel van Lierop, Kas Lemmens, Dani Rajcsanyi, and Philipp Ramhofer himself. Don’t feel weird when seeing some shots twice that night; RockOn, Postland and Shaped coöpped big time, and like to share their pilot films with you on friday night! Not sure what this is all about? watch their teasers.

Watch the best snowboard action go down, contest, movies, party. It’s gonna be epic! Don’t miss it!


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