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  • 1 November 2011
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Compared to all the other recaps we’ve seen this is probably the one with the most non-snowboarding pictures in it, so before we continue we have to indicate you on the fact that we don’t have any snowboarding pictures included! Why? We rather leave it up to our words and your imagination… Still no need for worrying about the lack of action on theMustachio because you’ll find plenty of action in Tim Schiphorst’s edit.

Normally seen most of the European railtechnicians are going for the 2 famous early-season railbattles to make cash and warm up for their season. They all head to Stockholm and Gothenburg for the The Frontline Railjam and the Gothenburg Railbattle. But since last Friday these railkids have a reason to make an extra stop in the Netherlands, The Hague: Protest Rock A Rail fuelled by Monster. We back you if you think this is the most awkward name for such an event but without the Protest and fuelled by Monster part there wouldn’t be an event this size possible in the Netherlands. Dutch brands rather spend their money on the more extreme side of snowboarding: racingteams and vitelliturners. So a big shout-out to the guys at Stichting Blanko, GV Construction, Protest and Monster for making this happen.

Enough of the words, here’s some crappy snappies we took during the battle.

All time friend from Poland Wojtek Pawlusiak together with David van Gessel. We’re not quiet sure what is on their minds but it looks like they had some of the selfmade Polish Vodka or maybe it’s just that Wojtek got himself a place in the finals.

This guy is responsible for the insane setup at the “Grote Markt”. Wood, steel, snow Gerben Verweij eats it all for breakfast…

The organization arranged a gnarly setup which attracted riders from all over Europe; we had Denis Leontyev, Wojtek Pawlusiak, Marc Swoboda, Dominik Wagner, Cees Wille, Gerben Verweij, Wessel van Lierop and many others for the fireworks. Let’s do it the Arabic way from right to left: a doubledowner donkey dick, gap box, 2 downrails (uframe), a flatbar dropdown and the Monster can bonk.

David von Gessel having a quick and healthy break just before the finals are going down.

That’s one hell of a photobonus for these local kids running after signatures.

Director Tim Schiphorst taking care of the riders. This is how Marc Swoboda looks like when he’s introducing himself the Austrian jibberish way.

Max de Vries might be the youngest of ‘m all with his 10 years.. he’s definitely one to fear when he’s jibbing his snowboard.

Austrian dude with red facemask and rome cap reprezenting stachies at the Rock A Rail. We make picture.

You wouldn’t say that these guys are some of Flatlands best photogs… sure.

Okay we lied to you when we said that we didn’t capture the snowboarding action. This looks like a Jonny Russell halfway his blunt on the downrail.

Don’t let the big Halloween pumpkin on Joey van Essen’s head distract you from this backside press.

Felix Remington Engström ready for a final run that put him on the podium.

All the finalists together and ready to make the crowd go insane.

MC Henry Jackson and the DJ succeeded in keeping the crowd pleased all night long.

“When there is beer flying around people seem to have a good time.” as the old dutch saying.

Cees Wille on the third spot receiving 500 euros and 2 maids. Thanks Monster!

Wessel van Lierop got his well deserved first place.

First spot for Wessel catching 1000,- euro’s, second place for Felix Engstrom’s stunt-double 750,- and Cees Wille got third with 500 euro’s on cash.

That’s one hell of an ejaculation for Cees Wille, definitely worth 500 euros.

Wessel is not crying, he’s just happy.

Bob van Unnik and Marc Swoboda sharing the 500 euros for best trick. They both charged the flatbar with insane transfers to flatrail bombdrops..

In between the qualifiers and the finals there was a little video premiere of two European videos, our one and only Momentum for those who’d missed it and the RockOn video from our eastern neighbors Propaganda. That last video will be online this week right here at theMustachio.

After all this snowboarding violence people walked straight into the “Supermarkt” for the party with homie Boehmer behind the wheels.

Multicultural loving in the Supermarkt.

Let’s call this a good ender of the party. Wasted and naked.


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See ya next year.


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