VIP Railbattle… in Gothenburg

  • 7 November 2011
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Snowboarding trips usually end up being straight up hobo trips. Crashing at a friends place, hustling lifttickets or sneaking in the Gondola, and do everything you can to spend little to no money. Not this weekend… the Gothenburg Railbattle spoiled us, drove us around in limo rentals, feeded us with fancy hamburgers, and poured us Jagermeister until the blood in our veins was polluted enough to get drunk from if you’d drink it. This is what happened behind the curtains of the Gotenburg Railbattle.

VIP’s dont drive, they get driven in Limousines, or if the distance is too big they fly. So did Cees Wille and Gerben Verweij, for the first time they were spotted in a plane. Jesse Augustinus thought the same thing and we ran into him at the airport, snaking some waiting lines… Our (not so) private jet awaited.

Gerben looked mighty uncomfortable in his unadjustable cheap seat. While Cees took his time to dream away with the stewardess of the month, miss Aleksandra.

Like VIP’s we arrived in our five star hotel, some fresh beers were waiting for us, along with a personalized goodiepack. Already the organization of the event had us in their palms, here’s a gay ass posing shot.

Besides free beers, all shred celebrities got a personalized Skullcandy pro model with their names on it and fans with the highest bidding will be able to take this unique item home.

At night everyone was expected to attend a pre-party in the ripcurl HQ. We helped ourselves to some free beers, Jagermeister, Monster, and every possible combination of the three. Cees Wille, inventor of the name ‘Jagerlab’ enjoys his 0.5L 50/50 Jager-Monster with chemical foam on top, 3 of these later things started to be funny.

This being a male-only contest, Gerben was happy with the blondies representing Monster Energy. Welcome in Sweden, G!

The Ripcurl HQ Literally was in the middle of fucking nowhere, and being a pre-party usually means that the main event is in a different location. The obvious solution was waiting for us outside.

Obviously we were to important to party among normal people, so we spent most of our time drinking champagne and more Jagermeister in the VIP area, that shit is paid for. Some live music, swedish blondes and deery drinks later, it was time to wake up.. wait, what? Yeah the sun was high up in the sky and we missed the morning buffet. Luckily Gerben was present to stay true to our roots as usual and brought us a nice breakfast in bed.
Cees showing much love for the big M!

I feel like we are forgetting something… parties, jagermeister, limousines. Oh yeah there was snowboarding going on as well! But who can shred on an empty stomach, right? That as well was taken care of by the organization, down with some more Monster Energy and finally it was time to scoop out the performance area.
Rise the curtains, lights on.. Action! Here’s the part that the masses witnessed. The sight was filled with miniramps for skaters, two downrails for an AM contest, stands, sort of an outdoor trade show thing, a stage for the real celebrities to perform on and a railsetup for our not so famous celebrities.

It goes without saying that there was another VIP area with free beer and girls. The sun started to set and the masses were preparing for the main event, so that’s where we spent some time starting to get on our first beers.

Time to get this show on the road! There’s Dominik Wagner leaning back on the steep rails. Big stairs and a high impact landing made it hard for the riders to land their tricks.

Jesse Augustinus is finally officially sixteen years old, and not allowed in the kids division anymore. If the bouncers saw this manly backlipper they probably wouldn’t be such fucks for denying him at the afterparty.

Ludde Lejkner had been shredding like a bauws but ended up snapping his collarbone. Didn’t stop him from raging the afterparty later that night and killing everybody at it until the lights turned on and the sun started to shine.
Just before it happened he managed to land himself some bangers. Backblunt to regular.

Last summer we warned you for this dude, not known by all yet but definitely on his way to becoming a celebrity. Vid Baric had been killing the Dachstein park and we told you to expect more from him the coming season. Here he is, slaying the downerrail with some technical stuff that probably isn’t just a boardslide.

Wojtek Pawlusiak backlipping like a true Rockstar. Might as well be his hardway cab 270 to regular though. Switch or regular.. hell we don’t even know, spot his action in the video coming up later this week.

It’s a bit far away to see who this is, but steez on the frontboard and a nice overview on the steep setup.

It wasn’t just the downrail that got killer, basically the riders were all over the setup. Bs360 out of the polejam probably was the most popular trick.
Another no-facer but we couldn’t drop this one just for not being able to name names and spread the fame.
Like always Denis Leontyev was at the spot to do what he’s famed for, adding extra 180’s to his tricks. Were riders loved to spin 3’s out of the polejam, Denis went 5 and even 720 off.
This isn’t all of the actual snowboard action, but like always we have a video coming up. Also we’re not sure about the results since the prize giving was held in Swedish.
There was a shitload of money to be divided over the winners and the guys that were called on stage were:
1. Marc Swoboda
2. Len Roald Jørgensen
3. Denis Leontyev
So yeah, that was all the snowboarding. Well not all of it, but check back later for the video. The riders had a nice dinner at the hotel and got picked up by another limousine to drive 200 meters to the club. Hop in the VIP area, and enjoy even more booze.


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