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  • 29 November 2011
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That the snowboards you see in the shops are made one year before they come out is no secret. The 2011-2012 collection was already sampled in 2010, and the 2012-2013 collection also got out for testing already. What is a secret though is what the graphics will look like in one year, so if your only hoping to get a scoop on that, you’d better spend your time earning money for those ISPO tickets.

What we will be talking about is what happens when a pro team like Bataleon come together to test the newest prototypes and spend some quality time together to strengthen the teamspirit. What happened was not some huckfest photoshoot, but sort of a sightseeing, excessive alcohol abusing, snowboard holiday.

The guys from Bataleon came together from both sides of the pond. Ben Rice flew over from the states and spend a day in Amsterdam being cultural, before picking Kyle Lopiccolo up from the airport in Munich, who also flew over from the USA. Like a true tourist Ben got himself some Dutch souvenirs to get weird while traveling through Germany. Once arrived in Munich we found ourselves tasting some fine German traditional Schnapps that passed us out pretty well. The next morning our tourguides Kerstin and Patricia took us to the Hochbrauhaus for a real German breakfast.

The meat-beer combo felt surprisingly good in the morning and made us hyped to hit some Zillertaler bars after seeing the sights in Munich. A bunch of local brews and some scottish, russian and abisnth(?) shots later, we welcomed Gulli Gudmundsson and DBK with a warm heart.
After all that fuel even a robot wouldn’t be able to get up early enough to shred in the sun in Hintertux. At eleven already the shadow creeps over the Hintertux snowpark, and since we are here to shoot, that’s not a good thing.

Fuck sun, and fuck those big jumps, we just shredded the smaller line all day. The bigger jumps where waiting for us the next day on the Stubair Glacier. After picking up Ethan Morgan, the team was complete and we headed out to destroy those jumps. Sunny weather, rockhard snow and currywurst describes the day pretty well. We stacked bangers and it was time to pay the local Bataleon office a visit. Kyle Lopiccolo was asked to sign a few of his posters that you will spot in shops all over Tirol.

The next day the team wanted to check out the park on Kitzsteinhorn, that’s the Kaprun glacier. Since the park is in the shadow in the morning we could all go to sleep a bit later as usual. A sightseeing stop and leberkäse stop later we arrived on the mountain and met up with the photographer that was going to snap some shots, Alex Papis. The jumps were kind of small for photo’s though and the riders where  way more stoked on riding the rail line. After Gulli Gudmundsson killed that line all day he didn’t mind posing on the mini flatrail with a grab.

It was the first time for Team America to be shredding the Tiroler Alps so visiting nothing but the resorts would be a shame. After shredding we passed by the castle where the Pirates intro’s were shot for their film ‘Hooked’ ending with a real Austrian pizza afterwards, oh so cultural.

Since a hangoverday was planned on saturday we had to make it happen this last day. Alarm clocks set on 6 A.M. to welcome the sunshine on the Hintertux jumps. L’Arrogs showed that as a team manager he still has mad skills in the air. He strapped into his old Airobic for this uncensored photo.

After Ethan and DBK landed a few 1080’s, the guys lapped the rail lines for a while and decided to call it a day. Back home everybody K.O.’ed and woke up later that evening to creep and crawl the streets of Bangtown. We skip the questionable stories on that one to the part where we give a massive shout out to Bataleon for the awesome week, and we look forward to being able to tell you more about the decks that got tested this week.



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