Junkyard in the City

  • 5 December 2011
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Yearly more and more major rail battles pop up, and it was kind of weird that a country like Norway was lacking one. Many great men shred under the norwegian flag but until now there hasn’t been anybody daring enough to pull all those riders together and throw a little downtown shredshow.

It where the guys behind Junkyard that got to organize this event and they did a damn good job. We traveled to Oslo and found the main square at the central station transformed into a snowarena. Big screens for action closeups, a shitload of snow, but mainly a nice mellow setup, downrail, doublekink, and a gap to tube, no stairs so the riders would be confident enough to pull of some nice trickery.

The tone was already set during warmup when we saw some backside 180 reverts as second tries, yep, the riders where trying hard. Out of 20 riders, only 7 would make it to the finals, they had 40 minutes exact to prove themselves, the schedule was tight since the event was broadcasted live over national television and planned according. Cool, except that commercial brakes are annoying even when your not watching the event from the comfort of your home. A lot of waiting at times.

Wojtek Pawlusiak didn’t want to wait and started strong from his very first practise run. Backnose pretzel like above, and a lot of combo’s like we expect to see from him.

The same goes for Eirik Nesse, started off with some steezy backlip for a small crowd. More and more people stopped by and by the end of the night he was throwing 270’s for the masses.

Gerben Verweij checked his competition in railmaking out. Maybe next year he’ll be making this setup, hopefully with stairs! Presses, frontboards and backlips to fakie made him finish 10th.

Mike Casanova had to take it easy in order to not trash his deck. He needed to sell his snowboard after the contest to earn some money to pay for his flight back to the states. He has no trouble landing those hardway cab270’s to regular on the downrail (any downrail).

Gulli Gudmundsson is just Gulli, super consistent and deserved the finals. Check those bindings and deck out, secret scoop? Judging his riding that gear seemed to work pretty good!

Besides Gulli it where these names that made it to the finals: Kalle Ohlson, Denis Leontyev, Zach Rawles, Cees Wille, Erik Karlsson and Hans Ahlund. In the finals everybody had five tries on every feature. The best four out of five would count, so it was important to land a lot. After every feature the rankings would appear on screen. They started on the downrail, where Hans Ahlund sets a nice cab 270 to fakie.

After the downrail the tv networks needed some time for advertisement so we had to wait a while to see what was gonna happen on the gap to downbarrel. Denis Leontyev liked the airtime he got out of the gap to spin his 360’s in with 180’s out in a different way to earn tech-points and end up in top 3.

Erik Karlsson got more speed somehow and had bigger backside spins than the others. Also he got closer and closer to the prizemoney.

Zach Rawles getting bendy after the airtime. All the way over from the states,  he was super technical and landed many tricks. Backside 180 reverts during warmup for example, no biggie! After the barrel round he was listed second so he had not much to worry about in the last round.

After the barrel Cees Wille was listed third. He should have tried a bit harder on the doublekinked feature, luckily he was able to push out this backlip. In the end he got fourth.

Best tricks went to Fredrik Perry on the doublekink, Mike Casanova on the downrail for that hardway 270 to regular, and Denis Leontyev for spinning on the barrel.

Denis got double lucky, three very happy faces on the photo below. The allround results:
1. Denis Leontyev
2. Zach Rawles
3. Erik Karlsson


Written by: Robin van Heel


  1. Nice Report!

    - Melle Freriks
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