And we have a Winner!

  • 31 December 2011
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Allright, so last week we did a giveaway with the boys over at Reprezent. They have a new Facebook and were throwing with a pair of Nike Vapen boots. Today, we announce the winner!

The only thing you had to do was to like and share the photo below and the Reprezentians would grant one likeyliker a pair of boots.


So, after scrolling through all people begging for boots the winner is selected. The Nike Vapen boots are given to *drumrolls*:

  • Paul Portegies from Castricum!

Congrats Paul, the guys over at Reprezent will contact you in the new year to arrange the Nike Vapen Transfer Session. To all other likey’s: too bad you didn’t win, however in 2012 Reprezent might do another Collab Giveaway! Keep your finger on the F5 button to refresh our website and the Reprezent Facebook to check when it’s on again!


  1. Wow guys, I heard of this yesterday and nearly screamed my lungs out of my body. You guys can’t believe how happy I am with these. They will be put to very good use this winter. I will be shining with these bad boys on piste, in the park, and off-piste!:D Thank you so much and happy newyear to all of you!

    - Paul Portegies
    January 1, 2012 at 11:14
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