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  • 23 January 2012
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After a lot of going back and forth and a whole lot of not knowing anything for sure we finally got on the road for the first trip of the season. The destination was Umea, on the coast in the northern region of Sweden. We got  all the gear in the trailer and got ready for the 2400 km drive at GV Constructions headquarters. Setup with a generator, lights, cables, dropinramp, winch and all the other necessities we positioned ourselves in Mr. Verweij’s golden mobile. He ended up driving the whole way there cause he is like that and loves being behind the wheel. We offered to drive on many occasions but he did the drive once before when he was alone so it was gonna be all good cause we knew there was snow lying around where we were going to so that’s all he needed to know to keep the stoke alive for the 24-hour drive.

Rik Komaromi was coming along to film for the new Private movie, he’s pretty much the director now for them also editing the movie.

You gotta grab a ferry from northern Germany Puttgarden to Rosby in Denmark. This 1 hour floater is always pretty deserted and Cees takes some sideway rest while Rik is amazed by some story Gerrit is telling.

Gas station fooling around.

After settling into the youth hostel the first night we got busy and this was the first spot a nice flatrail to bankdrop Cees dove into it head first frontboard to faceplant nice start of the trip.

Cees did this rail the otherway around pulled in by the winch back180 over the flat and top part of the rail, he did it perfect and threw off the bottom part as you can see here wait for the actual photo it looks crazy with the bottom down part falling off mid photo.

Cees had this nasty white stain on his thermal and we joked about it so he started cleaning his ‘toothpaste’ off.

Peaking into the car at a nice titty gap spot we found all picturesque scenery we shot cause we talked our way into a nice cabin at the Umea tourist office so we wanted to give something back to the nice marketing managerial lady there.

We got blessed with some nice sunsets.

The winch kinda broke down and some welds got loose luckily some guys from the Umea energy company were down to help us and let us use the workshop, G doing some welding and grinding.

Cees pretty close to a spot in a nice winter wonderland scape.

Cees pulling in G with the winch while Doom gets the shot. Yes, the man, the myth, the legend joined us for some non-starry adventures up north with a house and a car.

We dug out the triple kink and while doing it this girl drove by on her bike and asked if she could take some photos for her architecture school thing so of course this was no problem and G took up her bike for a second.

Doom, Gerrit, Cees and Rik looking down on this roof to roof drop thing Cees did.

Doom getting funny in the cabin in Rik’s Timba’s and Cees his new Analog gear, 5 guys in a cabin in the woods this what you get sometimes.

We met up with some Random Bastard guys one night since this is their hometown and Hans Ahlund just got done frontside airing this huge roof to cement stucture gap, pretty gnarly I might say.

View at a semi spot from another spot.

Overview off a spot both G and Cees did, most of the time they would let eachother do a spot so they could diversify their shots but here they got on it together.

Gerrit driving off into the sunset with this double exposure joint.

Cees tried this frontside alley oop on this stepdown wallride but he 180’d through the landing so this shot won’t be run anywhere.

By the time of writing we had a drive from Hell killing a lynx (which really sucked cause they are beautiful creatures but we couldn’t avoid it skidding on an ice road and all), with that wrecking G’s car driving 70 all the way to Stockholm, some jailtime for Cees and Gerrit involving rowdiness and drinking and some more weird shit but we got lucky here with over 30 cm of fresh in two days and when I look outside now a couple days later it’s still snowing so we can’t complain. Amazingly productive trip in Sweden, now here in Finland we got joined by Joey van Essen, Danielle v’d Heerik to take the photos and Tim Schiphorst filming for his new movie. We just got word the car fixing is gonna take a few days more but we already set up a new car after driving around a Mercedes Vito for the last few days. All in all one big hustle again and one crazy journey up in the northern regions.


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