• 5 February 2012
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Ooh man, we have been so busy for the past couple of days. Bumping into pillowlines, powderslashing, parkriding, business meetings, brainstorm sessions, shaking hands and all. We didn’t even had time to find a descent wifi zone for daily reports. Not that we really care, because if you were even half as busy as we were you definitely had better things to do than checking out our reports.

Now that the freakshow called ISPO is over and David is sending us home with mach 5 in his timecapsule, I finally have the time and a clear memory to do some actual writing of what we liked and what we rather not have seen at all. Believe us, that last part is more than you would expect. And then we’re not even talking about the fluorising ‘glow in the dark’ outerwear. No, some people are taking it even further.


This booth for example. These people made a plastic tupperwear rip-off of the Ninjasuit and obviously the arschloch entrance in the regular Ninjasuit was not convenient enough for ‘m so they resized that ass part and added another entrance on the front. All suits are equipped with taped seams and come in the colors, black, blue and silver. You would say that they didn’t really think this concept through, because they don’t have pockets, but hey these guys know what’s up! Check out the liftpass holder chains on top?! Don’t underestimate this unknown brand, you will definitely hear more about these mahfakkas.


Capita FK’N Awesome. What is more awesome than windsurfers and bikinigirls? Capita knows about it. Too bad this is not a collab with good ol’ Mistral. In that case it would have been the FK’N Ultra Awesome. Let’s hope they read this.


On the right we have a lady representing the Defenders of Awesome. Capita Defenders, that is.


The Capita Stairmaster as seen as last season, slight changes, but still ultra urban.


One very fine piece of the Capita decks is the Dan Brisse’s Capita x Volcom collab. Exact the way we like to see collaborations, subtile with the best of both. Funny thing is that these do not come out of the same factory as the other limted Volcom shredsticks some of the pro’s ride on. So it’s really a Capita x Volcom collab and not the other way around.

Once in a while there is someone that has a plan to be a part of snowboarding history by changing the way of the feel snowboarding gives us. Some keep on struggling against the sceptic world of snowboarding, and fortunately most of these ideas never ever see the daylight. One of ‘m that’s going straight to the never ever see daylight again is mister Dual Snowboards, one you’ve definitely seen before..

At least his story, although a bit ADD, was heartbreaking. We forgive him.

Enough about this guy. Let’s get this thing going with the more promising inventions that get backed up from a lot of people in the scene. NOW Bindings for example, these guys know how to create a buzz around their product and according to their stories it’s going to change it all, of course.. we heard that before. We had to check it out.

This might look like a normal binding but it has a bit of magic in it and that’s not the missing highback, the actual magic is happening in the baseplate.

What the official description says:

“Our bindings are made of two main parts: the stamped, CNC’d aluminum disc ring and forged disc that secure the binding to the board. Secondly, we have a nylon Hanger fixed to the disc ring via hollow rivet and washer, that we call the kingpin. This Kingpin assembly allows the Hanger to pivot in response to the riders input, directly to the board. Because the design is essentially baseless; the flex and “feel” of the board is uninterrupted.”

Roughly said it’s only the middle part (disc ring) of the binding that is attached to the board so the front and the back are floating. Got it?

Also available in black and with highback!

Somehow this is the year of the binder make-overs, it’s not just JF Pelchat’s NOW Binders that showed up at the ISPO with a “revolutionary” binding there’s another player in the game who launched a new binding product; Switchback Bindings. A completely customizable binding with toolless highback / lowback removal. Switchback èh, get it? They’re available in the following colors.

What is your combo? They ideam is that you just grab different baseplates, highbacks (or none), straps and you got yourself an personalized Switchback binder in your own colorway,  like the one below.

The Switchback binding is available with 2 different highbacks, a softer and a stiffer piece or just leave the highback and ride it noback. A pair of binders are gonna cost you probably around 200+.

We are not done with the bindings yet, there’s more to come!

Salomon introduces Bindings with ‘Shadow Fit Technology’. Basically it has a flexible heelcup.

Just like our handmodel is showing here,  it’s flexible. We’re not quite sure how this affects your snowboarding but it feels kinda nice standing in it. According to Salomon this gives a softer and more relax feel to the way you ride.


Three decks for Lobster. Of course one of ‘m needed a gnarly print, which would stand out on the slopes. Ironically enough, this is the deck which blends in nicely with the background. ISPO Camouflage, we like it.

A small grab from the Airblaster booth. Looks like they left the over saturated gear out and brought in the more pastel colors. Don’t worry because they have plenty of traditional Airblaster gear ready for you.

Offcourse we had to check out the Smokin’ booth. Between the overly present flashy boots, this one stands out in simplicity; it’s about snowboards. Nice.

Next years next level MIP. Good Wood winner and a pretty hefty print. Just in line with the prints of last season. Hate it or love it.

Smokin’s Spliffboard..

Perfectly made for your blunts.

We had to make a snap of this Stepchild deck which reminded us of the Forum Streetdweller. Why? Well this Stepchild Street Recession has no edges!


This is the Union Contact pro in, according to us, the best color combo! The horizontal cuts gives you more flex.

You would almost think that this binder is coming straight out of the Union Custom house by Barby, but unfortunately it’s not. It’s a real Force. We’re not sure what to think of it. It’s a hate/love thing we guessed.

A bunch of Salomon decks, finally taking it the artsy way.

The good ol’ Sickstick surrounded by some uberstylish non attractive decks.


We also dropped by at senor LeBlanc’s Holden booth to shake hands, browse trough the new collection and take pictures for Burton. Finding the booth was another story because in comparison to other brands Holden kept their booth clean and simple and put the focus on the gear itself instead of letting tits do the selling in the gnarly circus booths. Of course we wouldn’t mind if they had tits walking in the booth, it’s just that we are just a little bit biased.

Enough to keep you warm at the Holden booth.

Who needs an Iphone and it’s hipstamatic apps if there’s real polaroids around?
Holden x Impossible is what it is.


Insulated house shoes. This is an epic thing, a stylish slipper is not a likely object. It features a flexible rubber sole so that you’re able to take it for a small walk as well. Probably to get a new bottle of beer in our case.

You can pretty much say that Holden is up front in making denims for shred.

This is a real denim, but it still is 10.000mm waterresistant! They have the skinny and regular fit and different colorways, so there’s always a cool denim to shred in.

One damn fine lady jacket, I was actually hoping to see this jacket for the manboys.. too bad.

Anyway, no stress for the manboys,  because Mikey and his team took care of a sick collection for them. With the help of Stussy they managed to put together some really good looking collab pieces, a M65 Holden x Stussy jacket for instance. The goal was to create real snowboard outerwear that you could easily wear as streetgear as well. The guys over at Holden were flattered by the fact that their gear is worn on the streets as well, so they wanted to create a real blend of functional outerwear which would look awesome worn on the streets.

We showed Sabre the love.


These colorful decks at the K2 stand were a good welcome at the ISPO. K2 x Airblaster = the Happy Hour.One very fine collaboration brings Travis Parker some fun looking decks.

Allright, to avoid lenghty articles this story will be continued with more and more ISPO madness soon, so stay aware!



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