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  • 7 February 2012
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The ISPO is a great place to check out all the new collections, world changing inventions and latest scoops. But it’s an even better place to party. Name us a bar where you get your drinks and food for free? We haven’t found ’m yet, unless you got a nice rack. However ISPO has it. As soon as the busy business is done or whenever you feel like drinking, it’s on. Perfect for snowboarders because there’s no need for sharking beers. Obviously, there is enough because who wants to be the company where they ran out of beer? Offcourse, no one does.

That’s basically the other side, or call it the best side, of the ISPO. Been there done that, and so did these people.

This is Robin, our intern. He is eating a sandwich. This girl wanted to make a picture of him, eating a sandwich.

From Hauptbahnhof to Messe München takes about 15 minutes by metro. Easy does it.

This was the view from our Hotelroom. Now, after seeing mountaineous landscapes day after day this was a welcome change. Having a hospital and a construction site closeby wasn’t. At least not for our sleep. We decided we needed sleeping pills or sedatives. We chose the latter.


Ah! Scoops and even more scoops you were looking for, èh? Well, these are not the scoops you’re looking for (*waves palm). However, we incorporated Where’s Waldo photos in this article, in which a non-expecting ISPO visitor was looking in the camera. Why? We don’t know, maybe they just wanted to make the cut in this article or they couldn’t stop staring at the good looking camera-man and that quirky intern.

The GoProBro’s are smart. A 3D promovideo with double D bikini surfergirls. They stood there for over an hour, jaw open.

Ah, look at these Photogs at the booth from Rythm with Jordy. They’re far more comfortable at the other side of the lens, although they both seem to be having a joyful time.


More Jägerbombs filled with dry ice to create these smoking shots.

We had only one. Ok, two. Per person. We swear.  No, really..

IT’S SO LOUD AT THE VOLCOM BOOTH! It had something to do with these shady sailormen headbanging on their own metal.

We had a pre booth-party party over at Sabre. These things are going to get real big next year, believe us.

Sabre teamies Ben Rice and Eric Messier having a good time.

This is Mike. Mike was spoken to twice in two hours by different people saying “I know you, you’re trouble.”. They are damn right.

Whattup with the fingers fools. More mustachio love at the Forum SB drinking booth.

This guy has it. Best Mustache of the ISPO tradeshow. Besides, this guy was pretty cool for a stewart.

Angry boys. Give ‘m a sticker and they turn into puppies.

This is Signal teamrider and hipster Bob van Unnik with transparent hipster glasses.

This is a Waldo picture. Find Waldo, get sticker. Promised.

This is Danny Larsen, he doesn’t seem to be very pleased with the visit of the hairy people over at the Makia stand.

After a quick bite in downtown Munich we decided to head over to the Sabre & Rhytm Party at a bunker. Getting inside of the bunker was quite an ordeal, but we made it through. Besides the regular partyvibe it had different art on display as well.

Somebody showing the love. Good.

“Does this napkin smell like chloroform to you?”.  Works all the time.

Looking for trouble? He’s here.

Nik and Ryan brainstorming about next season’s shades.

We had DJ’s at the party and then there were these two. All spandexed up they threw this electric synthesizer rock and the crowd went wild.

Crowd going wild. See the chains in the back? They’re was this pre-war sex swingchair in the place, which we had to dodge at least twice while walking past, sipping relaxed on a drink, when all of a sudden a wildgoer decided to throw it.

Psychedelic shots of tatted-up DJ’s.

The spandex was so thight that he couldn’t dance properly. He did make sound. A lot of and epic sound.

More hypergalactic shots of this small moshpit in which we got trapped. During non-vocal songs the microphone had to join in. Trouble, we tell you, it was here.

Noise, played in G Minor.

Spandex seen twice, we must’ve been travelling through the space-time continuum.

Oops, the party was so hard even paintings didn’t survive.

This is somebody with a vinyl stuck against his chest.

Fake ID’s. These kids do anything nowadays to get in a party.

Some people needed a powernap. Twenty minutes of a small nap and Ryan was sober again.

After a small ride through downtown Munich on a scooter we found trouble. You see where the arrow is pointing at? At trouble!

Next week we’ll be back with ISPO Scoops. You know, fresh 2013 gear. Don’t stay awake till then, but make sure you don’t miss it!



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