Vamos a la Bardonecchia

  • 16 February 2012
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When I talk to people about going on holiday to Italy, most people think about spending summers on the beach or in romantic cities. Visiting snowy mountains does not easily pop into your mind. In our case the idea was influenced by a few steps: go to a friend of a friend of a friends birthday party, drink for free all night, wake up at the friend of a friend of a friends house with 5 guys in one bed, and a wake up call that sounded like: who’s down to go to italy?

That night we got in the car, set our navi to ‘avoid France’ and hit the autobahn. After the GPS failed on us, and made us cross the German-French border about eight times, we somehow ended up on the French highway without any cash for Tole. No, it sure wasn’t easy finding the cheapest way to Bardonecchia.

After writing our names down at every tole and custom stop possible, this nice lady finally let us in Italy. 200 meters after this we saw the promised sign ‘Bardonecchia’. The prejudices people have about Italy being all sunny and stuff are true, this was gonna be a perfect day to snowboard.

Johnny picked us up and showed the way to the gondola. Tip: ask for a liftticket that will only get you up ones. It will cost you only 9,- and will take you up the mountain, then you have to hike for like 2 minutes and you arrive in the park. It’s a cheap way if your down to hike the park all day long.

This is how awesome it looked in the park.  We shaked some hands and found out we arrived just one day to late. Anybody we asked was feeling hung over, literally everybody! Got to love Italians!
We started to get a little session going on the wall feature.

The park is filled with features like this, a bunch of creative obstacles, technical rails and easy boxes. One other feature Cees liked a lot was the closeout/polejam section.

The locals hooked us up with a liftpass so we could do some runs with the lift. After 10 minutes sitting in a cracking chairlift it’s a long line with little trannies on the slope etc. Ones arrived in the park you can either choose to hit the medium jump, or do one of the many rail lines. The first obstacles are a C-rail, elbowkink with donkeydick thing, and a barrier. Then you find a corrogated tube, hip, boxes, rails, the whole deal.
The crew makes sure that every feature is in perfect shape, it’s almost freaky to see how tight all the hits etc are. They close the park one day a week to make changes to the park and finetune everything, consider it a good thing!

If you are missing the action in the article, that’s right. Cees didn’t mind doing a forwardlean pose on the downtube for a snapshot, but besides that we’ve been filming most of the time, so be on the look out for upcoming Spoiler Alerts.



  1. Bardo is sick… en de koffie is heerlijk!

    - fan
    February 17, 2012 at 10:43
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