Wessel van Lierop’s new deals

  • 16 February 2012
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  • Petit Journal

After Cees’s news about his new eyefashion sponsor we have more uber fresh news coming in from the Benelux. Also one guy you have to be familiar with if you are checking us on a daily base, we are talking about Wessel van Lierop. I still remember this guy popping up out of nothing a couple of years ago with insane tricks that the veterans did and now Wessel is the one that’s raising the bar.  His trickery didn’t go unnoticed (see  Momentum and Propaganda) and he got the right people stoked for his snowboarding which payed off in a fresh sponsor deal with Holden Outerwear today, and if that’s not enough he also joined the Sabre team and as a cherry on the pie he also sealed the deal with GoPro. A good addition to the sponsors he already had; Arbor and RockOn.

Wel done Wessel.
Holla atcha boi.



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