• 27 February 2012
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Promises are made to be broken, like the one we made 2 weeks ago by telling you that we would drop more ISPO talking next week (ed. last week) but somehow some of our other online projects got into technical internerd trouble and needed all of our attention so we had to put this writing on hold. But now everything is over we will take care that you will not regret the waiting.

Read the photo’s and behold our wise words. These are the last words about it, we promise.

So this is thrilling. Lego Outerwear. Back in the day Lego had only simple policecars and airplanes and after that, when we were young, they introduced these little lego characters. World famous blokes nowadays, but they take it even further. From the blocked streets to the mountains. Lego outerwear. We heard that you automatically get a  yellow head in this.

Rome’s booth was in Trailer Park steez including a trailer. Funny thing is that they had all the binders in Ultra Extra Large on display.. We had to hold these things with two hands and they were delivered in wooden crates. by trucks. We didn’t have a fisheye with us so didn’t capture any of ‘m.

Okay, the shape of the Hammerhead might be sick, but why in the hell would you buy a board with bulges on the nose and tail?
We’d rather choose the Party Time Artifact 153 with the Spongebob Pizzaslice. Two things we both like.

In between all the saturated colors at the Nitro booth they had some gear that attracted us: L1.. this was the only decent picture we could take because the whole L1 rack was being trashed by happy kids and the gear was scattered over the floor with people searching for the right goods.

FO-RUM! From left to right: the Recon, the Bully and the Kitchen Sink.. as you can see below these decks are made for freestyle.

Do you feel more like an Urban snowboarder? Pick this dirty Contract..

This is the…. ehh Forum snowboard with a blue print and an artsy thing on it. The Forum Blue, we call it.

Two weeks before the ISPO Bataleon came up with this flyer about launching Bataleon Outerwear. Here it is.. By feeling and looking at the gear we got the impression that they know what they are doing. Taped seams, strech, conducted…Even the dolls look happy. Yeah for it.

On the far left we have a piece of the Disaster, next to that it’s Gulli Gudmundsson’s deck the Gulli Edition, followed up by the gnarly Airobic. After that we have the Global Warmer (GW) and at last the good ol’ Evil Twin.

Two of the woman boards. The first will make you Feel Better. The one next to that is the Distortia followed by the Violenza, and the other women decks like the Camel Toe! Yes, you read it good. Last but not least we found Waldo.

We also visited the Rhytm boys. Famous for streetwear years on row, but these guys are building a solid outerwear line as well. Thanks for the wurstel as well!

This is the Rhytm down jacket.

We would like to thank the ThirtyTwo boys for the bear and the wasabi nuts. We also shot this Team Two the Atcha Boi x Stevens signature… Black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow..

This is the Lashed in one of the new colourways with the FT lacing system.

Another ThirtyTwo Lashed with regular laces in a stylish red and black colourway.

This is the new 86 in a suedelooking blue with a gum sole. Yummie.

Joey Sexton’s signature boot. These boots are lower than most other boots, giving them a more skateboard feel to riding the urban metal objects. They don’t come with these model hands, sorry.

Tires, washing machines, socks, beanies… so Thirty Two!

We first wanted to show you this pic to tell that not everything at 32 is as nice as you might think. But as soon as we found out that this is the DGK x 32 collaboration we took back our words. Nah, we didn’t. Still not our thing.

“NO YOU CAN’T COME IN.” is what the DC doorlady told us, but she definitely didn’t knew our handsome intern set up this trick and distracted her, so we could sneak in and make pictures. Who’s riding the donkey this year?

DC knows where the money is at.. Russia!

Animals are soooo done, unless they freak you out. Sheep Monkey, Shonkey, Dheep, it’s a thriller.

Arbor is known for their good wooden powder machines.

But Arbor is also doing their thing for the more freestyle and park oriented riders with more urban graphics. They remind us at earlier Rome boards.

Jones fully Carbon deck because Carbon is gnarly. Go sell your sled, snowshoes and splitboards, cause this board makes it all negligible. With this snowboard you can easily ride up the mountain.

Yes the ISPO was Gnarly.

But not half as gnarly as this billboard, every time we walked by we started crying spontaneously. Please BruNOTti, stop with these horrible ‘Man in the air doing a rad grab’ pictures. STOP!


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