Vans Wängl Täng Supersize Setup

  • 9 March 2012
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In a bit more then a week Mayrhofen is going to be the epic center of European (and probably abroad) snowboarding. Mayrhofen will be the scene for the traditional/yearly VANS Wängl Tängl. A head to head battle where teams with 3 riders together try to get their tricks round in the Penken park. For that Steve Gruber and Wolle Nyvelt needed to transform the normal park to one gnarly launching area. Behold and get nervous.

Through the park in words:

“Speed will be the competing team’s friend as they drop in towards the G-Shock first feature, which offers a cannon rail transfer and bin bonk on top of the main kicker, designed to set the team up for the next elements and separate the teams in terms of style and skills. Upon landing, teams will have only seconds to group up before choosing to attach the VANS element, or immediately opt to bring the Fiat Feature into play. With a cannon rail and transfer option brought into play, riders have further options in front of them – hitting the Mayrhofen Bergbahen stair set, or immediately turning their attention towards the motocross kicker or rhythm section on the VANS feature.

Those who are looking for the Hail Mary pass and bomb the main line direct from start to finish will be facing the main booter of the VANS feature with the motocross and rhythm sections as options before targeting their line in the always impressive Red Bull End Sections. With hips, inside and outside trannie sections, flat rail inside out side drop, transfer options, wall ride and bonk bin – the main issue Teams will face is which of the plethora of options in front of them they will take.”


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