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  • 9 April 2012
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So we’re back from a week up in the pristine town of Laax in the Swiss Alps where the Dutch Champs aka Snowfest were being held. We were invited along by our friends at Monster to cover this event stachewise. Which somehow has more to do with the unofficial side of this here event, whether it be on or off mountain. It soon turned out our preconceived notions on the whole shabang were semi true and semi bullshit. Yes, they run a very tight ship and the contest is boringly slow riders waiting for their runs longer than your mom takes to make your Italian family dinner but besides that the entire week is basically one very big party and smiles are all around. First up is the slopestyle which went down under blue skies with few shards of clouds and mild temps.

We’re starting off with a nice sugardaddy shot the likes of which are running around the whole event pampering their shredstars of tomorrowyear.

Taste Mag boss Michiel Rotgans repping hard with this mean mother of an upperlipper in between taking a photo or two throwing layed out frontflips over the kickers later in the week also qualifying third in SBX just cause he can.

Some tight outerwear combos running around on the hill.

They ran this show down to the littlest of shredders getting their chance to show what they got pretty sweet for an 8 year old (don’t know if this one is but there were some) to be cheered on for dropping into this setup.

Tacky Tony copping an interview from our favstache of the week, candybro Joey van Essen and Martijn from Monster doing some arguably retarded stuff with his hands on his rear end.

Steve the Boulder throwing his nose in sidewayslippin position down the first feature off the line which consisted of this thing or either that flat box, two smaller kickers and two moneybooters with smaller options for those not yet being able to fly such lengthy distances.

Same angle, same trick, story of the day, saw so many straight airs and semi fiddies it got a little boring at times, still stoked for people trying their best but at least these two had some flavour on their lips.

Skiers criss crossing with the plankers this is Lukas Feitsma doing a hardway spin into ze rail.

Dutch Volcom  guys and friends enjoying the scenery with a smoke and a pancake.

Junior Champ self proclaimed fun run winner Jesse Augustinus with a boned out back one.

Some kid laying out a backie on one of the smaller jumps.

Aston Egelmeers doing some flatspinning.

Minijumpmethoding awarded by advancing to finals.

Our boy Cees Wille throwing some flavoury methods leading into disqualification for not wearing a helmet.

Mediafrenz with OG’s Michiel Rotgans doing it for Taste Mag like noted earlier, Rutger Geerling doing it up for the Dutch Ski Federation and Edo Jungerius holding it down for SnowboarderMag. Notice the different techniques and handgrips vertical horizontal wow these guys are really original.

Steve CrayBoulder spinning his way to third place in the Open Division.

Dimi the Young not so young anymore I remember him spinning 9’s being two inches tall on the local indoordome now he throws switch back 12’s for the win.

Upon arrival at the base this band called Convoi Exceptionnel was playing they were the shit killing it with their indeed unlikely combination of instruments producing both soulful as wildly energetic music.

This is their djembe player X tambourine foot tapper Ruben with a wild solo straight from Rotterdam a little fatigued from the journey to Swizzy but totally blasting anyway after catching his breath.

The rest of the photos is gonna be pretty much medaled people standing on podia holding either towels, cans of Monster, sleds, t-shirts or spraying champagne on their podium sharers for getting the coveted three top spots. So with that said if you’re not into that you can skip all the way down for a little of what’s to come except if you are hungry for some slightly opinionated captions. With that out of the way there were no other prizes than the aforementioned objects which is quite amazing because these people pay to be in the contest and throw themselves off giant snowstructures. Oh well, these are some steasy (style is easy) female skiers.

This is the 16 year old face of friskiing to come in Holland. Mees van Lierop rides everyday strictly with snowboarders such as Kas Lemmens and his older brother Wessel at his homebase Montana. Completely self taught throwing doubles it comes as no surprise he won the event. Off hill this dude is probably one of the best to hang with both after riding and during the nightly hours always ready for hallway adventures and vodka infueled club outings. I’m not promoting under age drinking here and definately not saying it’s cool or whatever but if you can hold your own and come out last man standing many a night, I don’t know,  but you’re definately a natural winner in my book. He might’ve broken some splinter in his hip slamming in the final though as you can see here by the crutches which really sucks and which in turn has nothing to do with the aforementioned since the opening party hadn’t even took place. Heal up and go get ’em Mees!


Here second and third placers Sebastiaan Renooy and Nick Harkess are slapping fives which shows a thing or two about these legit dudes killing it on their two planks.

Tim Toupet getting up close with the fizzeye in the face of skiing done right in Holland.

Milina, Bob van Unnik’s little sister topping the podium with the snowboard girls and being superhyped with her sled.


Some other girls division with a single participant.

Kiddos that killed it!

Little bigger boys who killed it for them top spots!

Juniors who did something right!

Cheryl Maas testing out the realness of her medal here. Bell Berghuis in second and Laura van der Have who is the shit by the way in third looking up to arguably the most famous snowboarder to ever come out of Holland. Ladies were giving FIS licences around the bend so qualifications would be met according to regulations so Cheryl could get enough points to start Worldcups which most likely has something to do with being able to do Olympics or some other crap another big reason to change that game cause this kind of inside jobbing is prone to step on some toes. I mean, this woman was the first TTR overall tour winner, shouldn’t she be instantly qualified for Olympic qualitour or something if she’s still serious with her thing called snowboarding, which she is cause she fucking rips, but no those damn five IOC cockringers keep their units stiff and thus shit like this happens.

Jesper Kicken in second hiding from that champie while Steve Krijbolder gets a full load to the face from Olympic hopefull Dimi de Jong.

There was an extra division called the Master Men which was basically a who’s who of coaching in Dutchland. Reinier van Gils in second place, Tor Svensson on the right in third and on top the man himself, Bas Mons.

The first thing Bas did was take his champagne off stage and completely soak coach number four Milan Verhoop who was also incidentally put in charge of my camera bag that luckily is quite waterproof.

Wow, another close up shot just for the sake of it!

Ending with this total paparazzi shot of Yousef Gnaoui aka Sef mallgrabbing and quirky mouthing who is doing it big in Dutch hiphop land putting out real good shit also with the SLBMG, what? Yes, the Ski Instructor Brown Money Gang loosely translated which is up next as they opened the darker side of this whole operation called Snowfest in the basement of the Rider’s Palace.

Thanks to Monster Energy and Laax resorts.


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