Volcom PBRJ Euro Finals at Avoriaz

  • 12 April 2012
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This report is kind of overdue but it have been busy times. This went down about a week and a half maybe almost two weeks ago but hey, at least we still got you some visuals. We picked up Max de Vries in the middle of the night he was half asleep on the couch at his parents place. We installed him on the back seat, he blurred out some hazy comments about Gerben zeaching some kind of trick a couple years ago, we told him to shut, he blurted some more and passed out for the drive ahead. Oh, the rest of the gang was Cees Wille and the G man along with yours truly. All through the night we drove to find Avoriaz in bluebird shape. Hyped for that comp!

Max told us to pull over since he wasn’t feeling too well. He let out some yellow muckus and was ready to go again.

Upon arrival at the scene we instantly spotted some friends alongside Bobbo von Unnik working on his tan.

Heats and stuff on the phishy themed seaman board.

Joshua Pires doing his thing on the twelve meter downbar.

Guy frontboard lean. (I’m sorry I don’t know who everybody is so excuse me from now on for not knowing)

Even the littlest of kids got down.

At the Foggy Bottoms Tavern (if I’m not mistaken) they were serving up drinks and all sorts of food and candy all day.

Another heavy frontlean.

The man, the myth, the legend and Method Mag boss filming all day, always comedy relief and looking for faraway shores and pots of gold that were luckily close at hand this time.

Hiking past the stylish signage Volcom put up to flavour the whole event.

Backtailer next to the dug out quarter so riders could keep some speed and hike less, so smart!

Stylish lipper.

Tailsnatcher to lipslider on that fishy gap to downrail.

Blunting through that donkeydick.

Dutch gang up in the place.

In tune with the theme this guy threw a tailfish into the downbar.

Heavy grilling going on.

Super tasty merguez all ready for consumption.

JJ from Swizzy pushing through that donkey frontside ways with superclean style, this girl is gnarly!

Cheryl Maas showing the girls how it’s done with this boardslide all the way on the flat and the down.

Rachida with some lean on this noseslide.

Watch out girl dicks can be dangerous, especially when it comes to donkey ones!

This girl knows her frontnose sliders.

Rachida 270’ing through the fins.

Pull yo kids!

Cees with this nosegrabber to lipslide.

It looks as if Boas van Olden wanted to say hi to somebody mid raildance.

Kevin the Cock coming in backside to this 50 front3 out.

Boas getting leany on this frontblunter.

Media frenzy!

Doing it big!

Finally somebody with a decent leanback, didn’t see too many clean presses here but this guy 5-0’d his way through the donkey magnificently.

Yes, Volcom knows how to throw a contest keeping kids fueled with fruits chips everything even freshly brewed coffee, wow.

Cheryl busting out prints for the kids on demand.

This guy knows whatsup, straight cruising with a case of beer ready for some relaxation.

Seaman on land flying into that downbar.

This guy put down some really solid moves, was fun to watch him take on the course with really clean style.

Stuff can go wrong too when battling closeouts, this guy knows.

Custom made hats all around but nothing like this seagulled out version.

Another attempt gone wrong.

This little Dutch kid named Jeroen was killing it with smooth style.

This kid was killing it too.

Max coming in hot with this cab270.

A little bit further down on that cab270.


This finnish guy was killing it a style that resembled Jed Anderson maybe it was just because he wore a helmet and rode a Salomonder but for sure getting really tech and controlled as showed by this nosepresser here.

This kid had some crazy combo’s going on.

This Stench board riding guy grabbing towards the end of this board gapping into the downrail.

Again, this Salomonder riding kid killing it on the closeout flatrail.

One-foot boardslide.

Volcom Europe boss announcing everything accurately through the sharktailed microphone.

Another angle same trick but you know this girl has dem frontsliders on lock.

My lenshood got busted up a bit inbetween elbowing my way to a good spot in the picking order of media men and women that’s why this came out a little vignetted.

Going full retard with the man from Greece.

Bobbo von Unnik with a backtailer.

Lasse hopping over that close out.

Bobby tailer 270’ing that close out.

Capita ripper up in the sun touching sky and he’s out there.

This guy was pulling some crazy cab450’s into this thing 270 out even, nuts!

Cees gapping lipslider to possible boardbreak on the donkey.

Ballsy move going for the gap to nosepresser.

Busting grills! Hope not.

Near seatbelt to downrail.

Noseslide pretzel from this burgundy colored pantswearer.

Ending with Lasse the Finn cab3’ing onto that downbar heavy shit sealing the deal for that win!

And that’s it for the 2012 Volcom Peanut Butter Rail Jam finals, Cheryl approves not of grabbing into rails though…

Cash for Lasse gooyest move of the day.

1 Joshua Pires (Netherlands) : 1 000 €
2 Goerge Persson (Sweden) : 600 €
3 Nauris Putenis (Latvia) : 400 €
4 Samuli Pere (Finland) : 300 €
5 Saska Halmes (Finland) : 200 €

This is Joshua’s hyped face, electric guitar, amp, volcom deck and a g large is not bad when you’re under 15. Stoked for him.

16+ Division

1 Tatu Miettinen (Finland) : 1 000 €
2 Julien Emch (Switzerland) : 600 €
3 Simone Buzzi (Italy) : 400 €
4 Damon Beckford (Finland) : 300 €
5 Michael Graf (Austria) : 200 €

Girls Division

1 Joelle Juchli (Switzerland) : 1 000 €
2 Rachida Aoulad-El-Haj-Amar (Netherelands) : 700 €
3 Gina Somaini (Switzerland) : 500 €
4 Stephanie Kauert (Germany) : 300 €
5 Ivika Jurgenson (Estonia) : 200 €

Lasse getting carried into the first place spot by his homies.

Open Division

1 Lasse Ihalainen (Finland) : 1 700 €
2 Chris Böhnke (Germany) : 1 000 €
3 Teppo Ruokokoski (Finland) : 800 €
4 Michael Mayer (Germany) : 500 €
5 Florian Heim (Austria) : 300 €

Product toss, courtesy off Volcom, Nitro, Electric, Burn and Banshee Bungee.

Max de Vries says see you later alligator!

Major thanks to Volcom for an amazing day. Got the results and such from here: http://www.volcom.com/pbrj/eventArticle.asp?articleID=309


  1. The unknow guy (5th pic) is Mario Prestel from Spain.

    - Criptus
    April 12, 2012 at 22:16
  2. unknown*

    - Criptus
    April 12, 2012 at 22:23
  3. haha kijk mn buik! 

    - bob v U
    April 13, 2012 at 11:32
  4. mega report!

    - Alexis
    April 17, 2012 at 15:14
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