FIS seeks crossover judges

  • 13 April 2012
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In order to cut costs the FIS is looking for ‘crossover’ judges for the upcoming winter Olympics.  They’re looking for people who are able to judge freeskiers and snowboarders alike, thus cutting costs on who is on the payroll and who isn’t.  You might think this is bad idea, skiers judging snowboarders and vice versa, but we don’t agree. This is great. In fact, we were able to think out of the box and came up with more effiency cuts for the upcoming olympics:


– Create a combined biathlon slopestyle halfpipe boardercross course for both skiers, snowboarders and icehockeyplayers and those shooting and langlaufing biathletes. People will be judged on who crosses the finishline first while stylishly shooting the mosts ducks while airborne. The course will consist of a hybrid halfpipe slopestyle course with a lot of ice and flat area’s to give the icehockeyers and biathletes some advantages as well. All contestants will start at once, so we only need an hour of TV airtime at maximum.

– Give the halfpipe medal to Shaun White right now. He’ll win anyway. You know it, we know it and foremost..Shaun knows it. Why compete?

– Lets combine both freestyle ski and snowboard events into one freestyle monoski event. Both snowboarders and skiers can compete on a monoski. No one has the upper advantage this way and we’re able to combine these with moguls and a slalomcourse to create monomayhem.

As you see FIS, we have brilliant ideas (if we may say ourselves) for effiencycuts and create extra ‘extreme’ value for viewers. Give us a call for more concepts and we know the next Olympics will be awesome.

via: ESPN Article


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