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  • 17 April 2012
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It’s been exactly two weeks since one of the (arguably) best parties of the Snowfest week went down. The club in the basement of the Riders’s Palace was the venue to wild out on for the Ski Leraar Bruin Money Gang. Like noted earlier for the non-Dutchies amongst us; Ski Instructor Brown Money Gang. Formed by various artists each doing their own thing and other projects as well one might go as far as to say this is a so-called super group. Anticipation for this Superheroes themed party was pretty high and these guys definitely delivered with a schemed out night the likes of which none other could even step to.

Before all the mayhem came we decided it was necessary to put in a good base layer and the intern knows exactly where, what and how even though he himself likes to stick to the veggie side of things. Sparking up that outdoor grill with an amazing view we were once again assured this Laax local knows whatsup and honors his internship.

See, I wasn’t lying on the primeness of this outdoor grilling location spot.

Back at basecamp Cees rounded up all the bottles he could find and a little something called Rehab Monster for mixing and called it a hallway party.

Zogezegd zo gediggy daan. That’s Dutch for said one said done or something like that referring to mister Wille’s previously captionated masterplan.

Monster Man Martijn rounding up his troops Willem and Rik with this rude awakening by the gang from the gang (Dutch for hallway). Explaining jokes is so awkward.

Oh hey and we’re at the party. Not sure how much hero these two are but super they are for sure.

Bas Mons knows whatsup with these cutlery style claws scratching people all over the party. Mind you, this is the guy who won the Slopestyle Master Division and our intern can’t be more stoked about that ass you can obviously tell.

Sean Taylor all hulked out there was a roided out version of him walking around the party too.

Faberyayo doing a crowd tour partying it up with all the semidressed people.

Lukas of FLC (FlatLandCrew) (Amsterdam based) helping out the Faber with his partymoves. Pineapple Pop!

Lukas should really help out this obviously not so Super lady than to fumble with Faberge’s beer.

Back on stage the man himself brings out the drank for people to get hyped on. It’s as if Sef is trying to let the crowd know who’s calling the shots here even though it’s pretty obvious.

Monster Man ordering 10 beer taking 4 into the crowd letting the others be picked up no problem the CEO of the GI JOE of this here joint totally agrees with his game face.

Have you ever seen two people this happy? No, I didn’t think so, if Steef van der Meer and Cees Wille smile even a slight bit more they might hurt themselves by overextending their face muscles.

Roderik Patijn shaka what Rens talking lights now?

This guy came walking up to me and Tim the last day telling him he added him on Vimeo with an afternoon slur the worst I’ve heard all week, good work construction worker!

The Flexican, arguably main man of the week taking it all in backwards stagediving, what a champ.

Chantal Denise Ebbinge is a girl who likes to party and knows everyone and everybody and even kills it on decks herself once in a while under alter ego Lady Agga.

The intern even doubles up as a focus mediator with this lenspoint making sure I’m not losing my sharpness.

DJ Mike Rock aka Mike von Darkness taking over the stage with the Flexican and Jody Koenders in the back discussing success and celebrating job well done performance wise.

The Flexican, Faberyayo and Vic Crezee mean mugging it backstage.

On a lighter note, what a cute couple of people they are with this cosy backstage pose.

Mean, cute, cosy, whatever the fuck none of that applies when it comes to the one and only Faberyayo truly in a league of his own.

Hey, it’s the bloody titty fairy again!

Mees van Lierop, freshly gold medal owner on the crutches, still attending; what a winner!

Martine ‘Mario’ Veldhoen and true OG Jeroen Bazuin from Solid ’93 having a jolly ol’ time.

Bas Mons, Cheryl Maas and Joris Engel enjoying some Wolverine type moves and the festivities alike.

Edo Jungerius always ready to go hard when necessary!

Sef straight ballin’ backstage.

Steffen Haars of the Pulpshow (most legendary aka controversial Dutch tv-show, in the new millenium at least) and more recently of New Kids Director fame and Boehmer talking it up.

Pandora’s Box and Aletta White dancing it up.

What did I say about semi-dressed people?

That girl with the Mustache is definitely not the same girl who showed her ass on that sketchy snowpath and Merel knows it too.

This crazy shirtless guy is definitely not that mustached girl’s boyfriend aka Joey ‘Candybrother’ van Essen.

I’m pretty sure the intern is taking over the whole enterprise. CW in the back macking it up shirtless with la belle Michelle.

Mike von Mosel with that girl again, wow she keeps popping up everywhere and continually looks better too.

The intern says now stop taking photos and come party with me cause I found this bottle of vodka and it has your name on it!

That was it for the Snowfest report, picture wise at least or we might be able to put together some more stuff. At least Tim is dropping two more vids and perhaps some photos I took with his cam but mine denied service after this night. Maybe it’s because the snow was burning, or maybe because there was a skilogie or the mountain was in flames either way it shut down on me after this nighter. Or maybe it was because a guy from Monster, not the drink, talking ’bout the town here, dumped a beer all over it, who knows?




  1. Breakout couldn’t top that! The most gorgeous paparazzi shots.

    - Aooorwa
    April 17, 2012 at 10:49
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