Pleasure Spring Session

  • 24 April 2012
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After two days at home and having semi-recovered from the Snowfest shenanigans blood crept where it wanted to go and the itch to visit the ydillic town of Laax for one final time this season. It had put a spell on us after this amazing alcohol infused week and thus we were rendered powerless when it started calling our names again. This time around we weren’t blessed with the comfort of the G-mobile but ventured out in Tim’s Corsa. That thing has hardly ever crossed the border but it recently got a taking care of by GVConstructions and so we relied upon this green little monster to take us across the hills and up into the mountains. First stop was Honey Hills for the Alex Tank X Head X Arnette Invitational that was already underway for a day. Upon driving into the south German hills it started raining and hopes were diminished to small patches of slush. When we arrived and kinda drove too far and called up Alex he said the whole thing was cancelled but that it went off the day before. Wow, we were glad for him at least he got one day in but really bummed we weren’t gonna post up there, take some photos, shred that setup and what not more. Oh well, hopefully next year if he’ll have us!

Cees chilling it up not cramped just comfy in the Corsa.

True Don Shithorse (as heard by Method Alexis at the PBRJ finals) right here.

Look at the Rider’s Palace from COOP viewpoint upon arrival looking a bit different from when we left.

After an easy night it was up early to catch the supposedly only sunny day of the week.

This liftguy was chilling.

What a beginning of the day, Toni Kerkela snaking Cees with this double method.

Follow cam photos another doubler with these two gents.

Cees backone off the jammer.

The intern came creeping by with this cannonballer.

Cees tailer on the newly built Pleasure feature. They had a really sick line with a polejam into the main fencegap to rail and then the above ending lower with a wallride polejam sidehit combo, does that sound right? Yes it does, they put a lot of effort into setting up some cool shit!

Cees backlipper on the wall.

Benny Urban on the new feature up top.

I was so hyped on taking this photo with the intern as I’ve seen him do this plant on different spots but with that Pad there it didn’t turn out so good. After this I spoke with him about trying it again and he was stoked.

The same man going a’plant in different form toothpicking.

The intern flying over the wallride messing up his arm, ouch. Out for the day, noooo!

Wessel 10k richer after swooping up that Nike Chosen Contest with RockOn SB and a frontblunt pretzel to boot.

Seatbelt yes.

Clouds already rolled in but naturally that didn’t stop Wessel from throwing this method to boardslide.

Something is going terribly wrong here.

Same as earlier just to show that there were lots of men from Pleasure and Isenseven doing their thing on this feature. Saw Benny Urban do one back270 with some real clean style for sure, was hyped on that.

Once again in optima forma.

Wojtek Pawlusiak came cruising by was stoked to see this friendly Polish killer!

Benny Urban textbook frontlip.

I can only imagine what this blunted lipper from Kerkela looks like on film.

Wojtek once again pressing.

Wessel switchfrontnose 270 took him a while though tried it many times, stoked he got it.

Sindre Hoff back180 I think he’s regular.

We decided to take a run down since we hadn’t been there this time so more followphotos ensued. Barely kink Wessel switch noseslide.

Where’s Wessel? Front1 cab3 revert somewhere in there.

Followcam view of Cees ripping the slush.

Sunscreen pleasure with the Intern, Imke and Wessel.

Tom Elliot filming some intro stuff for the upcoming movie from Isenseven Fool’s Gold with Wojtek and Alex.

Toni busting some shit off the polejam wallride.

Cees nosegrab noseslide.

As we were riding away from the park I saw Toni grab onto his board on this noseslide and pointed while riding and got him popping off that rail, stoked!

Wojtek coming through 180’ing off that waver.

Wessel frontflip off the flatbox into/over the stairs.

Wessel backlip.

The ender goes to my new brother Len Roald Jorgensen, we dualed it out in a rockpaperscissor match but he tricked me which I didn’t see coming now he gets to claim the real Len, haha. Oh, he just came cruising by with this sideflip pretty intense riding all day from this guy holy scheiße!

That’s it as far as the snow photo portion of this years Pleasure Jam. The rest of the week was filled with just shredding und hanging out with all the amazing folk attending. I even bought the best guitar for metal, so we could hang out and listen to some awesome music. The weather was crap but who cares about the weather, the drinks were copious, the women beautiful and the nights long. Friday the 13th marked the day for the second annual Clast Carneval which was a mayhem of extraordinary figures. Photos up next.

Major thanks to Laax, Pleasure, everyone who was there and last but not least the intern for letting us cook in his crib and chill all the time, the drinks, bbq, guitarplaying; everything!


  1. oh god, you went public with the “shithorse” name!

    - Alexis
    April 25, 2012 at 10:05
  2. Amazing place and snowpark !

    - TesterAdaś
    April 25, 2012 at 14:03
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